10 Beautiful, Must-See Camping Spots In Hawaii

Near endless summer weather signifies close endless opportunities for fun in sunlight. Hiking, swimming, and surfing are on the list at the popular camping spots of Hawaii. But have you ever contemplated camping in Hawaii? Though your rovin’ author has quite frequently considered returning to his birth condition of Hawaii, he never contemplated camping in the amazing Aloha State. Certainly there should be other travelers who’ve also not contemplated this Pacific potential. So, without further ado, here are 12 beautiful, must-see camping spots in Hawaii:

10 Beautiful, Must-See Camping Spots In Hawaii

  1. Na Pali State Park, Kauai


Hikers will appreciate the exceptional eleven-mile Kalalau Trail increase since it finishes in a gorgeous little camping spots. If you would rather not increase that far in 1 day, then it is possible to spend the night in a site half an hour in if you’ve got the appropriate paperwork. Pack light to maximize your experience if you divide the increase or not! Explore best flight deals and vacation packages to Hawaii with Delta Air Lines Reservations.


  1. Bellows Field Beach Park, Oahu


This park is located along an wonderful expanse of windward shore reserved for military training throughout the week. But when the weekend comes, you’ve got the pick of between 25 and 50 campsites. Websites are available as of top pm each Friday. 

It is possible to swim in the sea daily and float off to sleep to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. Facilities include two comfort stations, outdoor showers, two lifeguard towers, along with restricted parking.


  1. Kiholo State Park Reserve, Big Island


This really is a coastal, work-in-progress, lava-covered place situated off a gravel access road. It features bays, lava flows, along with a great deal of open space. This crude park has little over restrooms and you’ll need to make your own water. Nevertheless, you can go fishing, biking, biking, and swimming, and also the isolation will surely make it a far better spot to see wildlife and revel in nature.


  1. Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area, Maui


This recreation area is situated 6,200-feet over sea level. Unless you want the cold, it is best to not camp in winter as the night temperatures could reach freezing. The woods are not tropical but more indicative of the US Pacific Northwest. Although searching is allowed here, it is more attractive to hikers since there are four hiking trails here: The Haleakala Ridge Path, the Plum Trail, the Polipoli Trail, along with the Redwood Trail.


  1. Koke’e State Park, Kauai


This country park is a scenic place that’s possibly most popular for kayak camping sleeping in an altitude of 4,000 feet on the rim of famous Waimea Canyon and seven distinct hiking paths. This is also a fantastic spot for investigating character, searching, and seeking wildlife. Amenities include restrooms, picnic tables, water fountains, and even a gift shop.

  1. Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, Oahu


More to the point, you are going to love being surrounded by Plus, you will enjoy camping and trekking amidst this gorgeous 200-acre botanical garden along with the remarkable Ko’olau Mountains.

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  1. Kalopa State Recreation Area, Big Island


It is possible to camp out in a tent or perhaps rent a duplex cottage here in this popular recreation area. The cottages sleep up to eight individuals. They include bunk beds, hot showers, bathroom facilities, and a recreational dining room acceptable for cooking. Additionally, there are picnic tables for outside diningtable, and the location is ADA accessible. This is also a fantastic place for hiking.

  1. Pala’au State Park, Molokai


Here at the 233-acre state park, you are able to camp near some fantastic panoramic summary of notorious Kalaupapathe colony into that lepers were banished. The major attraction here’s Kaule O Nanahoa or even”the phallus of Nanahoa.” It is a sacred site which was believed to improve fertility. Hike the road during the ironwood forest to see Kalaupapa Lookout, also watch Kalalupapa out of 1000-feet up. Amenities here include a picnic pavilion and a bathroom.

  1. Anini Beach Park, Kauai


The natives enjoy this beachside camping spots. The shallow water close to the coast is excellent for wading in the event that you prevent the sharp coral and stones in certain areas. This is a particularly fantastic spot for snorkeling at which you will possibly observe the country fish– either that the triggerfish–or even parrotfish or even unicornfish. Additionally, this is a excellent place to windsurf. Regrettably, with the end often includes rain, so make sure you bring a lasting tent.

  1. Kea’au Beach Park, Oahu


Located near Waianae on the west coast of Oahu, Kea’au Beach Park, is a favorite camping spots for people into blue water, breathtaking sunsets, and character. It features picnic tables, restrooms, and showers. The campsite is submerged but near the sea, it’s allegedly somewhat rugged. On the north end of the playground, you’ll discover a massive shore. Much like nearly all the campsites here in Hawaii, a license is necessary for camping.


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