10 best Hair Cutting Style for Long Hair

10 best Hair Cutting Style for Long Hair

Long hair is a woman’s best friend, and well-maintained long hair gives you an edgy and classy appeal. However, not maintaining or styling your hair will leave you looking awful. Putting a little extra effort and maintaining your hair will undoubtedly make you look like a total bombshell. Your hair is your crown, and it must be treated with love and care. Having long hair is no more about its difficulty in maintaining it. You can flaunt your long tresses in style and display yourselves boldly in every affair you have to attend. There is no limit to the looks you can create when you have long hair. Not sure where to start? Here are the top ten hairstyles for females with different hair types and texture:

1. Layered long hair

Layered long hair is one of the simplest forms of hairstyling for long hair. Seen here is Priyanka Chopra, Miss India of 2000, flaunting the elegant layered hairstyle. The layered haircut will create depth and density to your hair, and it is suitable for both fine and thick hair. The length of the layers shall meet your face shape. For example, long layers work best on the square and round face, and oval faces look good in soft and subtle layers. A long hairstyle with layers will effortlessly give your mane more waves and bouncy texture. 

2. Long hair with side bangs

Long hair looks fantastic with side-swept bangs. Why not add bangs to relish your long wavy hair.  Getting a fringe blends well with the long wavy hair and there are endless options to make your long wavy bangs flattery. The long hair with a pair of bang will keep your mane intact while framing your face flawlessly. 

3. Traditional Bun for Long Hair

Here is an Indian bride showcasing the beautifully maintained traditional bun hairstyle with ornamental accessories and flowers. This hairstyle is not something new nor it’s out of style. It gives out an ethnic vibe that wins attention in a floral saree. Though it is far from modern style, the bun with slight braiding on the side is timeless, classy, and totally dashing. Wear this hairstyle with a traditional saree for any festivities and wedding. 

4. Neat braided Indian hairstyle 

The neatly braidedhair cutting style compliments cute and innocent looks. This is one of the simple hairstyling options for long hair and you can do this elegant hairstyle in the typical pull-through technique of braiding. Start with a french braid at the back instead of front or side, and keep it intact for a clean and neat to give an ethnic vibe. You can further decorate it with flowers and accessories. This hair cutting style for female is quite versatile and can be worn in any season. 

5.  Crown braid hairstyle

Here is the picture of the icon, Deepika Padukone with a neatly done braided crown. This is also one of the most popular and trendy bridal hair cutting style for long hair worn by women in India. The relaxed and messy tone adds more style and suits every face features. Try this hair cutting style with the long lehengas to look best and wear it during festivals and weddings. 

6. Ponytail hairstyle 

Who hasn’t dreamed of a ponytail that is clean, smooth, and awesome? Here is a picture of Jacqueline Fernandez. Yes, the super hot and sexually appealing Bollywood actress with a sleek and polished ponytail. Put on a bold attitude and you will look all decked up with this chic style. Gather all hair and shape it to form a ponytail, then wear it high on the crown with bobby pins to secure your hairstyle. You can flaunt this look at night parties and fancy gatherings. 

7. Balloon Ponytail

Making a balloon ponytail requires time but its results will amaze you. You need to comb your hair at least for ten minutes before starting to style your hair. What you will love about this hair cutting style for females is, the dirtier your hair(two days hair), the easier it is to mold the style. The longer your hair, the more bubbles or balloons you can create. After you are done combing your, part your hair and noose it with hair bands. Pull each partition from the middle of it to make it resemble a mini balloon. There you go! Your balloon ponytail is ready to present. 

8. Super simple beach waves

Nothing is more beloved than the beach waves. Whether you want to use your hairstyling wands or just leave it be with just-woke-up-like-this hair, there are plenty of options for styling your hair. The best thing about beach waves is that there are so many hair cutting style options that fall under this category. The long hair with softer waves and straighter ends is beachy waves “of your dream” kind of look. The beachy waves hairstyle is even possible while you snooze, we are talking about beauty sleep. The most traditional method for making beach waves is with the help of curling iron. Simply tease and shake your hair, and you are ready to roll. 

9. Pigtails for long hair

With a lot of girls making pigtails, this hairstyle is making a major comeback. You can style the pigtails as per your desire. The popular ways to wear a pigtail is by braiding, making bubble patterns, curling it, or simply letting it loose. Despite the face type, anyone can rock this style out. Wear super comfy and casual clothes with this style. 

10. Wavy long hairstyle

With an amazing, and well-designed traditional saree, you cant risk wearing an unmatching hairdo. Long hair with your glorious mane forming waves effortlessly is the kind of hairstyle that will perfectly match the outfit. You can also add some loosely twisted pattern with floral decors. 

Long hair is a heavenly gift for women. To get the best out of your hair, you must give the best. Here are some of the hair care essentials that you may want to consider for nurturing your hair. These ten hairstyles are the most intriguing traditional and up-to-date hairstyles.  


Bhumika Nagpal

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