110cc ATV Ultimate Guide: Everything About 110cc Mini Bikes

110cc ATV Ultimate Guide: Everything About 110cc Mini Bikes

Today, you have the option to buy multiple different types, sizes, and shapes of ATVs. You can buy the powerful 500cc engine bike and experience raw adventure. Or, you can get a durable and sturdy 50cc bike to reduce your commute time. 

Additionally, with the easy availability of cheap mini bikes, the ATV varieties have gone beyond limits. Therefore, selecting the right type and size of ATV in 2021 is very confusing. 

To address your confusion, we are doing this whole guide on 110cc ATV bikes what are they, how safe are they, and so on. Let’s know from the Venom Motorsports experts everything about 110cc bikes. 

How Fast Does a 110cc ATV Go?

110cc is a small size, so your ATV won’t be very fast. The average speed of a 110cc mini bike varies between 35-40 mph. 

Multiple different factors affect ATV speed. For example, if your ATV doesn’t have transmission, it won’t cross 15 mph. But, if it has transmission, you can easily take it up to 35-40 mph. 

What if you want to speed up your 110cc bike? First of all, don’t try to put over pressure on your bike, especially if you are a novice biker. Around 30% of young ATV riders end up with fatal injuries. Therefore, always remember 110cc bikes are less powerful, so don’t try to accelerate their speed because it will be bad for your health. 

How Expensive Are 110cc Bikes?

Relatively compared to other powerful ATVs, 110cc are cheap mini bikes. You can easily order a great 110cc bike for around $1000 – $5000. The ATV price also depends upon multiple factors like:

  • The engine size plays a vital role in determining the ATV cost. 
  • Technical specifications and additional accessories add up to bike cost. 
  • Brand value and demand also contribute to the ATV cost. 

If you are looking for cheap mini bikes, you can wait for the sales or can try used bikes. However, we would recommend buying a brand new bike on sale because used bikes don’t have credibility. If you don’t know a second-hand bike dealer, you can get a bad deal. So, always get brand new cheap mini bikes from reputable dealers.

How Much Weight Can 110cc ATV Carry?

As we have already mentioned, 110cc bikes are smaller in size and lesser in speed. With this bike, you can easily carry around 250 LBS. That means one fully grown adult or two teenagers can easily ride on a 110cc bike.

If you carry more load on your mini bike, it will ultimately reduce its speed. Thus, try to travel light on your ATVs as much as possible. 

How Tall Is a 110cc Bike?

These bikes are moderate in height. Depending upon the brand and style, the bike’s height might vary. But, an average bike height is between 24.4 inches to 31.5 inches. Mostly, 110cc bikes are designed for children and teenagers so they can comfortably ride them. 

Who Should Ride 110cc Mini Bikes?

These bikes have moderate speed and price range — thus, they are perfect for kids. According to statistics, 25% of ATV accidents happen to young individuals who were aged below 16 years. Since the speed limit is moderate in 110cc bikes, parents can further regulate it with speed limit meters, so these bikes are perfect for kids.

How Are Safe 110cc Bikes?

Incredibly safe. 110cc mini bikes have limited speed bars, so you can’t rash drive them. Plus, you can get side by side or dune buggy ATVs for extra safety along with a harness or seat belt. These bikes are even street-legal in many states. Though, you have to check your local traffic laws to get a better idea. 

So, now you are all set to order 110cc ATV. You can either go online or visit your nearest ATV store to find your bike. If you are planning to buy online, do visit the Venom Motorsports website as we have a variety of cheap mini bikes available for you. Let’s hurry and buy your 110cc bike today!

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