How to create a luxurious interior: 5 tips from Alexander Glickman

How to create a luxurious interior: 5 tips from Alexander Glickman

Today, the interior design in the palace style is considered one of the most expensive: in a complex finish only exclusive materials are used, and every detail at least claims to be a high-art object. And this style is available only to owners of huge country mansions. Especially for readers of In My Room architect Alexander Glickman told how simple means and without sacrificing the budget to create a luxurious mood even in a typical apartment.

  1. Finishing walls and ceiling

Marble, wood and hand-painted are essential elements of the palace-style interior. In order not to hit the repair on the pocket, use everything that today offers modern industry: imitations of classic parts, made of simple and budget materials – polyurethane, plastic, paper.

Dreaming of painted ceilings and walls? Finish the surfaces with high-quality wallpaper or printed on banquet fabric “fresco.” And then make the walls in the best palace traditions pilasters and columns, and the ceiling – molding and cornice, of course, made of polyurethane. Styles from ancient Egypt, Rome to Art Deco.

Another typically classic way of finishing walls is the wooden panels of the boozer. Fashion on them appeared in Europe before the Renaissance: luxurious wall cladding was decorated with carved ornaments and gilding. Budget alternative to them – moldings-layouts of polyurethane or false panels. They are sold in the form of finished products and in a matter of minutes make the interior elegant.

  1. Paul

In classic interiors, the floor is decorated with parquet: encrusted or made of massive and expensive wood – walnut, chestnut, bleached oak. With modern technology, you can also achieve the desired effect without significant spending. Thanks to the photo-capable, the finishing materials imitate the best examples of palace finishes. Choose tiles under marble and wood. And give preference to laminate – it can be stacked with a classic pattern in the form of parquet.

  1. Furniture

The same goes for the saturation of interiors: today a huge number of factories make from polymers replicas of beautiful antique, antique things, which in addition to elegant design have and pleasant prices. Ideally – to dilute the created “decorations” with something real: pieces of furniture bought in antique shops. If you have a more loyal budget, I advise you to look more often at flea markets and fairs – they really can find a lot of unique things with history, which will be a worthy decoration of your interior. Modern rectangular furniture can become baroque, if you stick on it your favorite photo of an antique product (even in black white). You can change legs, handles and it will give things individuality. Take a brush and paint; add a gloss of simple gilding or silver individual pieces of furniture.

  1. Light

Another important point in the creation of the palace mood in the interior – a competent illumination of the ceiling and decorating it caissons, as well as painting on the walls. Use dimmers in the light – they will create a great atmosphere. As for the lamps, again it is not necessary to buy a French Chandelier with crystal – today you can easily find decent replicas with crystal made of plastic. After all, if you have the talent, you can print a chandelier on paper, make your own cardboard product and turn on it not fire-fire light – LED or gas.

  1. Decor and textiles

For any interior, mirrors are of great importance: in a small car they increase space, and in a large classical interior have a huge decorative value. On the market it is easy to find replicas of historical frames with beautiful encrusted baguettes made of both plastic and wood renders (MDF). Mirrors on the ceilings and bathrooms look spectacular. An interesting solution is to make mirrors with sheets between the windows. By the way, as a rule, in typical interiors windows are small, so fix the cornice directly under the ceiling – so you visually increase the size of window openings and the height of the ceilings.

And finally

The more you watch good books, the more you will become infected with beauty, and with the help of personal effort and work will be able to quote the best interiors.

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