If you are panic-stricken with the thought of planning a trip with your toddler, and don’t know what all to do. Then check out the amazing travel accessories for toddlers from Janie and Jack black Friday 2020. These travel accessories will ensure a comfortable experience. In addition, these accessories will make the experience pleasant for you as well as your toddler. The five essential accessories that you must carry along are mentioned below. Further, each of these accessories will add comfort, and safety to your next travel plan. 


Lightweight Baby Stroller

A collapsible and lightweight stroller is a must-have while traveling with a toddler. It comes in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. These are further designed by keeping the safety of the little ones in mind. The collapsible design will further allow you to store it easily in overhead compartments on planes. In addition, the strollers’ wheels are easy to lock for stability. The baby strollers also offer suspension in order to reduce the bump, when the road is bumpy.

Ergonomics Carrier

It will help you in walking easily while holding your little one. An Ergonomics Carrier comes with a comfortable and wide base. It is designed in a way that it supports the natural posture of babies. This carrier will support your baby’s legs up to the backs of his knees, so his/ her leg’s won’t dangle. The baby will be able to move his legs freely and be comfortable in the carrier. With an ergonomics carries, you need not to worry about the developing neck, hips, spine, and legs. As the baby sits in M shape position, hence it supports better hip joint positioning.

Child carrier for 3 year old

Diaper Backpack

A spacious diaper backpack will easily accommodate all your baby’s needs. You will further have two free hands when traveling. The backpacks comes in various sizes, patterns, and designs. You can easily carry them and store them in overhead compartments on planes and trains. Apart from diapers, you can put disposable diaper wipes, rash ointment, cloths for burping, hand sanitizer, or extra clothes in it.

Silicone Bibs

These bibs are a must have while traveling as they are soft, flexible, and waterproof. These can be easily wiped clean after mealtime. You can easily feed your baby without worrying about their clothes getting dirty. These bibs comes with a pocket at the bottom to ensure that the food does not end up on the baby’s lap. You can clean them easily. Moreover, it dries super quickly. These are further available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Silicone Bibs are an excellent replacement of the traditional and plastic bibs. 

Sanitizing Baby Wipes

These will fit in easily in your diaper backpack. You can use these wipers for cleaning the baby’s delicate skin. In addition, these will be handy during the diaper change. However, if your baby has a sensitive skin, then ensure that the wipes suits him. Also, do check that the wipes you are using are alcohol-free so that they do not cause irritation. Thus, while traveling with a toddler, wipes make ideal travel companions. 

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