A Sassy Guide To Picking A Name For Your Travel Website

A Sassy Guide To Picking A Name For Your Travel Website

Travel blogging is believed to grow in the coming years. Blogging from the comfort of your home is in the trend, but before starting to write, you need to think of a name that suits you best. This name will help you attract more visitors and also get more brand deals. This is because your name is the representation of your work and most importantly, your niche.

Thus, if you are thinking of starting a travel website or blog, words like ‘wanderer’, ‘luggage’, ‘journey’, ‘trips’, ‘baggage’, and so on can be helpful for your followers to identify your area of expertise.

Here are some guidelines for you to decide the perfect blog name:

Try to pick a domain with ‘.com’

The domain providers offer many other options such as .net or .org. They are much more tempting to people but one should always prefer .com as their domain extension because it provides a higher global reach. This is also because it is easy to remember, commonly used and a standard domain name used by people across the world.

Avoid using numbers, hyphens, or wrong spellings

If you do not get the name you are searching for do not go for stuff that would make the name look weird. For example, if you are searching for ‘travelwithme.com’ but rather you get ‘travel_with_me.com’— well, it won’t be such a good idea to go for it. Your name should be easy to spell and one that is easy to remember. Thus, try to avoid numbers, hyphens, and wrong spellings.

Keep the name crisp and simple

Travel blog’s name should be short but that catches the attention of the readers. This means you should go for names that have two or three words only. If it is longer than this it might be difficult to remember. So, make sure you are cautious about it.
Choose something that is brand-friendly
Look for a name that describes your website, is SEO and brand-friendly. This helps your blog get more visible and has a higher potential to grow. You can go check out some best travel blog sites to understand better what kind of a name suits travel blogging.

Usage of your identity

You can use your identity for the blog’s name. These can include your physical appearance, the country you belong to, hobbies, profession, and others. This will make your blog easily available and make it stand out. There are several best travel blog sites that you can reach out to and help yourself get acquainted with the whole thing.

You can also include your name in the blog name. This would add a personal touch to the blog name as a whole. But make sure not to use a name that is cliche or is overused. Though there are a lot many names that might have been taken but with your creativity you can surely create one.
Use an adjective + travel synonym

Here, we have another tip you can use while naming your blog. You can use a word that is related to travel, which makes the name more specific. This is easy, descriptive, and catchy. This will give a person an idea about what the blog contains and the personality of the blogger, helping the visitors connect with the core vision. 

Think out of the box and be creative

Do not go for the typical names that are used by many, rather be creative and go for something unique. If you get hold of something catchy but not related to travel, even that will do. Remember that it is this same name that is going to attract more people to your site and help them remember you every time they think of travelling.

The name of your blog will be the first impression that will continue in the long run. Something memorable, descriptive, eccentric, and catchy is what you need! Every blogger thinks about standing out of the crowd, so the first step towards it is the name. For more help, you can visit 2DadsWithBaggage, which is one of the best travel blog sites in recent times. The bloggers here believe in seeing the bigger picture which is possible only when you travel.

Check out their website for interesting and amusing stories and get inspiration for your travel blog.

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