What Can I Carry on Allegiant Airlines?

What Can I Carry on Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines has particular requirements about its baggage allowance policy. The airline may be the most affordable one, but it is also among the least accommodating airlines when it comes to allowing its passengers to travel with certain items and bags. Passengers who have made Allegiant airlines booking cannot travel with no baggage fee unless it is a personal item. There is a fee for almost all bags, and if you are wondering how to fly on the airline, you must read Allegiant airlines baggage requirements and the charges for a better travel experience. 

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

These are the following things to keep in mind before packing your checked bags and carry-on or personal item for traveling on Allegiant Airlines. 

  • Unlike other airlines, Allegiant Airlines doesn’t count the checked bags in your ticket fare, and you have to pay for them separately. The general fee for checked bags ranges between $45 to $30 depending on your flight booking and travel class. The prices may be higher at the airport, so choose the online mode to pay the fee and save on paying the extra charges. 
  • Every passenger can bring one personal item including a purse, laptop bag, backpack, medicine bag, diaper bag, a jacket, coat, etc for free and keep it underneath the seat in front of you. Your personal item’s maximum size should be 7 x 15 x 16 inches and not more than that.
  • The size limit for your carry-on bags should be 9 x 14 x 22 inches.
  • You can purchase up to four checked bags at the time of Allegiant airlines book a flight. It should weigh up to 40 pounds or 18 kgs.
  • The airlines charge up to $50 extra for carrying an oversized bag of 18 to 32 kgs. For bags with a maximum size of 33 to 46 kgs, the fee is $75. However, if the size exceeds 100 pounds or 46 kgs, the airline will not allow you to transport the bags on the plane.
  • Passengers with special requirements can travel with ventilators, respirators, oxygen concentrators, etc. 
  • As per the baggage policy, sports equipment such as golf bags, fishing equipment, hockey, etc, will be considered as one checked bag by the airline. 

To know more about the allegiant airlines baggage policy or requirements, call on the customer care phone number and request the flight representative to give you complete detail. 

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