Benefits of Triangular Red Coral Stone as Astrology

Benefits of Triangular Red Coral Stone as Astrology

About Red Coral or Moonga Stone

The Triangular Red Coral Stone is the organic Red Coral gemstone which is in a unique Triangular Shape. Triangle Moonga is one of the most popular gemstones, famous for its Astrological benefits, India.

It grows as leafless bushes in the Sea, in depths of 20 -1000 feet below Sea level, and are actually marine creatures called Polyps.

They are sharp spicules of hard Calcium Carbonate. The colour of the Red Coral has attracted people since ancient times and has been widely worn as jewellery all over the world. 

The colour of Triangle Moonga varies from Reddish Pink to deep Red. It is also found in Orange Red, Scarlet, Saffron etc. Italy is the oldest producer of the Red Coral and is known in the gemstone world for the finest quality of Red Coral.

Other countries where it is found are Australian coast, the coasts of Malaysia, Tunisia, China, Japan and in India.

The Triangle Moonga in its natural form has a dull appearance, but when cut for a gemstone, it is polished to a shine. However, it can be scratched and is brittle.

History of Red Coral

Triangular Red Coral Stone as Astrology

Interestingly, the Coral gemstone has been used by ancient Egyptians, Europeans and was popular as jewellery in the Victorian era.

It is said that the Egyptians used to keep Red Coral stone in the tomb of the dead in order to protect them in the afterworld from evil spirits.

In some countries, the Red Coral was used in helmets of warriors and soldiers to ensure protection, courage and strength.

It can be inscribed in attractive Rings, Pendants. Amulets in addition to its history of being popular down the ages as Red Coral Jewellery like Necklaces, Rings, etc. 

Astrology and Triangle Moonga or Red Coral

The Triangle Red Coral stone, as per Vedic Astrology, is ruled by Planet Mars or Mangal and the Hindu deity Lord Hanuman is its ruler. However, here we are going to focus on the association of  Planet Mars with the Red Coral.

Mangal Graha is considered a God who has the character of a warrior, fiery energy and stands for energy, power, vitality, assertiveness, anger, aggression and passion. Its position in the birth-chart of any individual is crucial.

When Mars is placed in a weak position in a someone’s Kundli, it creates many challenges in the life of the native.

A weak Mars can cause low energy levels, lethargy, married life is effected with discord, anger becomes pronounced, the irritable mood is common, the native becomes aggressive by nature, health problems and other such ill-effects.

The Triangle Moonga is suggested by Astrologers, to be worn, to nullify the malefic effects of Planet Mars.

When the Triangular Red Coral is worn as a Ring, Pendant, Bracelet, Amulet, then it is said to pacify and please Planet Mars. 

The Red Coral gemstone is found in various shapes such as Oval, Round, Capsule and the Triangle Moonga. Its shape is said to be very effective as a gemstone to be worn for Astrological reason.

One of the reasons is that the Triangle shape is the shape which represents Planet Mars in the Navagraha Mandala.

Therefore, most Astrologers consider the Triangle Moonga to be extra powerful compared to the other shapes, to be worn, in order to enhance the power of Planet Mars, if it is weak in the Horoscope or Natal chart.

Also in the Northern parts of India, it is commonly called “Lakshmi Moonga”, representing Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth).

The Red Coral shaped in a Triangle looks attractive when worn as a Ring, Pendant, Amulet, Bracelet, as it is an uncommon shape for gemstones.

The Triangle Moonga is worn in Gold, Copper and Silver when worn for Astrological reason. 

However, there are Triangle Moonga stones which are colour enhanced, treated and there are synthetic versions of the gemstone, which a common consumer will not be able to detect.

Before wearing the Triangular Red Coral, it is always advisable to consult with a qualified Astrologer for advice.

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Astrological Benefits of Triangular Red Coral

The attractive Triangle Moonga has held its significance in being used as an Astrological gemstone.

Planet Mars is one of the Navaratnas and its weak placement in the Brith-chart has its ill impact.

Wearing the natural Triangle Moonga brings relief from the malefic Mars and benefits the native in many ways.

  • It can be worn to boost energy, vitality if individual is feeling constant fatigue or low feeling.
  • It gives courage, strength and warrior-like quality to face challenges in life.
  • Malefic Mars affects the marital life negatively, causing discord, disharmony and unhappiness. Also, it helps to bring balance and harmony back in such marriages.
  • Individuals having debts benefits by wearing the Triangle Moonga.
  • Delayed marriage can be rectified by it
  • It heals impotency.
  • Arthritis, Knee problems and menstrual problem etc. are relieved.
  • It boosts blood circulation and enhances immunity.
  • Those who are in habit of procrastination and laziness,  Triangle Moonga clears these feelings and charging up the wearer. 
  • The Red Coral clears, activates and strengthens the Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra).
  • TIt is a suitable gemstone for Sportspersons, Soldiers, Police Officers and gives benevolent outcome.

Day and Finger for wearing the Triangular Red Coral

For Astrological purpose, the Triangular Red Coral should be worn on Tuesday but only after energising the gemstone.

It should be strictly worn after consulting an expert. Wearing an untreated, unheated gemstone is important for the best results of wearing it.

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