Bentonite Clay Mask Benefits

Bentonite Clay Mask Benefits

Bentonite Clay masks are becoming increasingly popular as a natural detoxifier and skin care product. They are used by women all over the world for numerous health benefits including clearing up acne and other skin problems. Ultimately, these ladies are utilizing bentonite clay masks for, dry skin, dry hair, excess hair fall, dandruff and issues with oily skin. It has become a well-known fact that Bentonite Clay is excellent for detoxifying the body and skin.

Bentonite Clay Mask

If you are looking to create your own Bentonite Clay mask, you will need a few items. The first things you will need to acquire are Bentonite Clay, cooking utensils, and fragrance. One easy way to make your own Bentonite Clay mask is to mix it with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Next, you will want to mix in 2 teaspoons of Cayenne pepper powder and a few drops of essential oil. Lastly, you will need to mix in sea salt. Once you have made your own mask, you can now wear it at-home or at the office.


Mixing Teaspoon of Ground Mustard Seeds

Cooking utensils that work well for bentonite clay masking include mixing a teaspoon of ground mustard seeds with olive oil to form a paste. This paste can then be applied to irritated or chapped lips. You can also apply the paste to your face using a cotton ball. Additional recipes include creating lip balms, which are great for healing and soothing irritated skin. The recipes generally call for blending one tablespoon of lemon juice with two tablespoons of sesame oil, creating an amazing mask perfect for your day or evening routine.

Uses of Bentonite Clay Mask

One of the most popular uses of Bentonite Clay mask is to remove dead skin and excess oil from your scalp. Many women experience a flaking condition of the scalp due to a buildup of dead cells, which can be caused by many things such as shampoo, styling products, and poor hair care. By using Bentonite Clay, you will be able to reduce the flaking condition and leave your hair shiny and healthy. It is a natural ingredient that is safe for use on all types of hair. As an added benefit, the Bentonite Clay makes a wonderful leave-in conditioner as well.


There have been many scientific studies done on the benefits of homemade bentonite clay masks. Most of the studies focus on how much better a person’s hair is able to grow after using the bentonite clay mask. The scientific studies have shown that the clay mask works by penetrating deep into the roots to help nourish the follicles and encourage growth. With all of the different benefits of a homemade bentonite clay mask, there are plenty of reasons why more people are starting to use it for their hair.

Important Parts

One of the most important parts of using a bentonite clay mask is that you have to take your time to soak your hair in the solution. The reason you have to do this is because the ingredients used in these masks can be harsh to your hair if you try to rush it. If you try to wash your hair with warm water before applying the bentonite clay mask, it could strip away a lot of the beneficial ingredients. The warm water could also cause your hair to become dry, which could lead to breakage. In order to make sure that your hair gets the best results from the Bentonite Clay mask, you will need to allow the bentonite clay mask to soak your hair for at least half an hour.

One other important thing about using bentonite clay masks is to make sure that you only use bentonite clay that has been purified. In order to get the maximum benefits from your homemade face mask, you will want to use a brand that has been researched and tested. In addition to that, you will want to use bentonite clay that is extracted from pure clay. By doing this, you are taking advantage of all of the beneficial properties that are contained in the purest form.

Removing Toxins

Bentonite clay works well as a detoxifier by removing toxins from the body’s cells. One way that the clay can detoxify your body is by trapping toxins in the clay mask. Toxins can build up in your digestive system, your circulatory system, and your nervous system. By trapping toxins, clay masks help to remove them from your body. In addition to being a powerful detoxifier, Bentonite Clay can also help to reduce scars and heal blemishes.

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