Common Types of Mental Illness

Common Types of  Mental Illness

In this article, we would discuss  Common Types of Mental Illness. Mental illness is a term for diseases or symptoms that can cause an individual to feel distressed or discomfort and can impair their ability to function as a normal member of society. There are many different types of mental illness today that range from a severe phobia of vomiting to the belief that a body double has replaced everyone. Certain types of mental illness have more information and research than others. The current categorization of mental health problems is designed to make it easier to study, treat and care for patients who are mentally ill.

Common Types of Mental Illness

Mood Disorders

This is the largest form of mental health illness today. This broad term for a mental disorder means it causes a disruption in an individual’s normal flow of a good and bad mood. Depression is a well-known mental disorder within this category. When it comes to depression individuals feel constantly or significantly despondent and sad with no feelings of being happy for an extended period of time.

Another common mental illness in this category is manic depression. This is when individuals have periods of hyperactivity, delusions or risk-taking. This is then followed by a period of great sadness, desperation and lack of motivation neither of which is affected by anything other than the individual’s brain. Often mood disorders can be dealt with by using behavioral therapy, but not all cases respond to the mental illness treatment and some individuals will need anti-depressants or beta-blockers in order to overcome these mental disorders.

Anxiety Disorders

This is the second most common form of mental disorder that doctors and other medical professionals see often. Anxiety can cover a wide range of mental illness symptoms including OCD, health anxiety, specific phobias, social anxiety, and agoraphobia just to name a few. Counseling is the first step in mental illness treatment for those with anxiety disorders. Often cognitive behavioral therapy can work as well for those with these mental health problems. If neither of these options works, some individuals resort to trying hypnotherapy or anti-depressant medication in order to stop the mental illness symptoms.

Psychotic Disorders

This is the most interesting type of mental illness to study. This is when the mentally ill suffer from experiences that are distorted through processes or their sense of surroundings. Individuals with these types of mental illness will often have auditory and/or visual hallucinations or they may believe things that aren’t true.

Eating Disorders

Often individuals don’t think of this as a mental illness. However, these are the most studied form of mental illness. This mental health illness is characterized by a disturbance in a person’s relationship with, their thoughts about or their behavior towards food. The two most common conditions seen at mental health clinics are anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

You may know someone who is suffering from one of these conditions, particularly if you know someone who has an addiction disorder or an impulse control disorder. Often these people will face strange additions like stealing. These people are often viewed as morally wrong or dangerous by society, which is why it is important for people with these disorders to see treatment at a mental health center as soon as possible in order to maintain a social life.

Often those who suffer from a mental disorder are all lumped into a single category by members of society. However, those with mental disorders can often function normally within many parts of their lives except for the one affected by the disorder. Each type of disorder requires specific treatment, which is why it should only be done within licensed mental health clinics. If society learned to deal with these individuals by helping them to cope and giving them, what they needed to improve their condition then we would no longer need to use prescription drugs as treatment.

If you feel there is something wrong about your mental status then visit a mental health center in order to have a mental illness test done. A mental illness test can help you to determine which condition is affecting you, which then allows medical professionals to determine the best course of treatment for your needs, and you can start to learn how you can cope with the condition and still lead a normal life.

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