Delta Airlines Hurricane Policy

It is not easy to travel in thunderstorms or lousy weather, especially for small aircraft, as they can involve massive destruction of human lives and structural damage. However, storms are generally confined to small areas; therefore, there are chances to travel during a storm.  

According to Delta Airlines policies, it is their prime concern to carry and take-off the flyers with complete safety and security. Their travel policy states that a flyer can cancel his/her Delta airlines booking at any moment as an effect of a storm. The airline will give you a complete refund on your original mode of payment without charging any flight cancellation fee. 

Things to know about the Hurricane policy of Delta Airlines

After canceling your flight tickets due to a storm or any bad weather change, you can make the following changes to your flight reservations. 

  • You can make use of your unused flight ticket and book a travel package to your preferred destination within the scheduled flight departure dates. However, you must meet the following waiver requirements of Delta Airlines.
  1. i) Passengers with Delta airlines booking can reebok their flight tickets within the available booking dates mentioned in the airline’s flight booking guidelines.
  2. ii) You have to pay the difference in fare only if the new flight booking is pricier than the original flight ticket.

iii) However, if the ticket fare of your new flight ticket is cheaper than the original flight booking, you will receive the refund in the form of a gift card with a validity of one year. It depends on you when you want to make Lufthansa reservations.

  • You can cancel your flight booking and get a full refund in the form of a gift card through which you can book a vacation package within 60 days based on your and flight availability. However, you also have to pay a $50 per person service fee at the time of new flight reservations. 

If you purchased a travel package months ago, but due to a bad climatic change, you want to cancel or reschedule your flight booking, use Delta airlines manage booking feature to make necessary changes including the date and origin of the trip to your flight ticket. With this option’s help, you can even check the status of your flight booking on your smartphone and request additional services such as extra baggage and pet allowance, make pre-seat selection, etc.

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