Delta Airlines Reservations Phone Number 1 800-610-2592

Delta Airlines Reservations Phone Number 1 800-610-2592

Today we’re going to be talking about how I booked a cheap flight. I thought the whole bunch of flights in the last couple of years I’ve kind of become the fight bicker amongst my friends and certainly, the flip occurs in this relationship on this YouTube channel you guys already know this channel is all about not having to be loaded to travel the world so I figure it’s time to actually show you how I do this today it’s also super fitting because I just book flights for less than $300 to Hawaii. Which means on our side we’re really excited so let’s do some sharing and get into it today I’ll be talking about what my favorite websites are to use and why we’ll go a little bit depth about my favorite features on these platforms and then my 3 main tips to save money on travel so let’s start right off the bat with the tab the very first thing and the most important thing is that when you’re searching for flights you always want to be searching in incognito mode you may have heard this maybe you don’t know why maybe you do so let’s make a quick basically based on the cookies in your browser flights and hotel prices for that matter can actually increase and will probably increase when you’re searching for a root repetitively this is because your searches are being logged into the site algorithm and they’re basically trying to instill panic in years about you book the flights as fast as possible but don’t worry you don’t have to book the flights as soon as you see them and you’re actually going to see in this video the I always recommend cross referencing the prices between different sites so just take your time save your money and certain income you know okay now let’s talk will contact Google flights my favorite thing about both of these web sites is a feature where you can put in dates and your origin destination and then you can browse around the world and see kind of where the best flight deals are so then of course you also have the option to put in your budget so in my opinion this is a really good starting point if you don’t know exactly where you want to go or where you want to stay or so you know the continent or general idea of where you want to go to maybe you’re thinking in July I want to go to South America and travel around for 3 weeks in which case this is a really great tools so that you can kind of see which airports are the best to fly into that month now I personally don’t book through kayak or Google flights normally or if I do I don’t do it right away this is because personally I usually do a whole lot of investigating before without my credit card but yeah I find this feature to be really great so what do I actually used to book the flights

I pretty much exclusively use Delta Airlines or Delta Airlines I don’t even know if that’s how you pronounce it DeltaAirlines let me just search at. Delta Airlines I think that I’m saying it right I would say it like that for your summer is going to roll with it okay so let’s start with your favorite website and our favorite words pronounced Delta Airlines courses booking flights I always select include nearby airports if you’re flexible you are at a huge huge advantage because simply being flexible and where we’re going to go to or what did you’re going to travel on to make a world of a difference so yeah I always select include nearby airports in my life I’ve done the Toronto to Vancouver flight like 1000000 times and even though my family in both places and I’m so familiar with both of the cities and it’s not even supposed to be a fun trip sometimes it’s a business thing or sometimes to 3 Davison family thing I still always this kind of explore to see what if I flew into him 10 or whatever for tablets for sometimes you can save hundreds of dollars so for me that’s worth that okay but let’s visualize more fun trips role about manifest destiny here so in my mind let’s for example say that I want to go to Paris. Which are due around 6/1/28. The first thing that I’m going to do is select all airports and then here at the top, I can browse through the dates to see if I just take my flights one or 2 days will impact the price. So if you look here it does so I’m going to select those states instead. Honestly love that I can just scroll between the super easily instead of having to like input dates all the time and seeing what’s cheaper or more expensive which can be super time consuming and kind of frustrating so other than the fact the Delta Airlines always has really great deals and continue all the price comparisons and you can basically tailor your flights to what you want that is my favorite feature I just really like the visual I think that it’s super easy to read and use so yeah I use all the time and then DeltaAirlines if you’ve been watching any of these videos which I actually haven’t watch the other videos about this I need to but I’m sure that people talk about all the time DeltaAirlines seems to be the most popular amongst travelers and there is a reason for it is really one of the best if not the best website to use for booking cheap flights it’s a super user friendly pretty much everybody’s favorite so I’m not going to get into it too much but if you take anything away from this video regarding sky scanner and my thoughts on it it’s not one I highly endorse DeltaAirlines I recommend using it every single time you book a flight and if you don’t use it to book for whatever reason at least recommend that you use it to cross reference to make sure that you’re getting the best deal as I find this website has the best prices I guess the second thing that you can take away on my thoughts about DeltaAirlines is my favorite feature on it you guys can obviously tell the I use these websites for their different features of sometimes I wish that they were all on one website but outside kind of have fun doing this but yeah my favorite feature on DeltaAirlines here is the whole month feature so I love this and I use it literally every single time I book anything so it was all really goes to show that being flexible can really save you money on travel especially if you travel a lot a couple $0 here and there can really make a difference so that’s kind of sometimes why I like it when I feel like I’m spending thousands of dollars for one week but I know that that same 0 can get me through an entire continent for a longer period of time and for more months again we all different travel plans but it just had to say about we also know that their soul mate. The travel apps and it can be so overwhelming and you don’t really know which 1 to rip you off but she said this at the beginning I put in the description but this video is not sponsored the only out that Delta Airlines have on my phone is hopper and again I don’t was necessarily book with this out but I do love that it’s Delta Airlines that Delta Airlines can have on my phone in which that you can always turn your notifications on to get notified like when there’s a price drop or when there’s a suitable deal for you and then they tell you what they claim is the best time to book I don’t like to fly my phone’s apps but this Delta Airlines honestly actually find impressive and again Delta Airlines can always cross reference what Delta Airlines find out here with DeltaAirlines as well which is honestly what Delta Airlines always do and then they also have hotel deals and that kind of stuff but this video is about booking flights so we can talk about booking hotels in another video if you guys are so interested let me know and I can do a video on that as well anyways back to flights let’s continue now if you guys have made it this far you’ve got to my favorite tip which is to follow the state fair and cheap for websites Delta Airlines religious please subscribe to YVR deals why fear is the Vancouver airport that I’m usually or Delta Airlines supposed to be based out of the Chris might in the person who runs it plus other websites for other places in Canada like Toronto Montreal Calgary Hamilton Colonna Oxford Thunder Bay Winnipeg and more Delta Airlines can’t think of because Delta Airlines Canadian and I use his resources religiously I honestly didn’t know the names of the other sites that did this as well although I knew they existed so I was doing my research is weak now I’ve learned that airfare watchdog and Scott’s cheap flights also do the exact same thing anyway for those who are not familiar this is basically how it works you think your departure airport or airports and then you subscribe to their email newsletters or you can just make sure to visit their sites frequently it’s exactly what it sounds like it’s when airlines OB and sells the tickets for a lower rate than intended Delta Airlines seen international round trip rates for as low as $5060 on the sites and in these cases you do generally need to book quickly what. Delta Airlines really love about Chris my insights is that he’ll say 0 this is an accidental right you might wanna books 1 quickly or whatever but if you’re the travel bug like Delta Airlines do you will want to jump on these opportunities as soon as you see them I also use this type of website again in my case white beer or why C.
deals in the case where I’m like okay this is a real example from a couple years ago I was like I really want to go to Japan this year so then I browse the website to see if there are any existing Japan deals and then as soon as the Tokyo fire popped up I took it right away I think that round trip from Vancouver was $400 with all taxes included like 396 round trip from Vancouver so yes that’s why Delta Airlines use and trust these websites religiously so besides using these resources my 3 main tips for saving money on travel are number 1 if you can be flexible in your deep as you can see adjusting your travel plans by like a month can make so much of a difference it’s even adjusting it by a couple of days or even sometimes 1 day can make a difference too and then the second 1 is to be flexible in your origin so again using Vancouver as an example I found a way to replace the Abbotsford even Seattle and if I can save hundreds to $1000 I will always consider taking a bus or sharing a ride because in my opinion it’s a big another trip out of it and it’s completely worth it again we’re not talking about $1020 here we’re talking about 500 600 700 you get the idea and then number 3 is that especially if you’re going on a longer trip use long layovers as an excuse to see another country or city Nick and I purposely spent 2004 hours in Hong Kong on our way to Cambodia I think it was 15 hours in Beijing on our way back home to Vancouver from Sydney we spent a long layover in Bangkok and there’ve been so many other times where we’ve used these long layovers to our advantage in fact if I ever really lonely over anyway I tried to book these extra-long ones like 10 plus hours because I find it so much fun I honestly don’t considered a burden at all I actually kind of considered a blessing. The guys I really hope that this video helps you realize that just taking some extra time and getting creative conceive you a lot of money as you know we don’t make a ton of money and we’ve been so lucky to travel to so many places in the world so if anyone knows that it’s the knee that firsthand it can be done as always feel free to reach out to us on Instagram at not locks and we’ll see you in the next.

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