Essentials every beginner fisherman needs

Essentials every beginner fisherman needs

Are you a complete beginner when it comes to fishing and you don’t know where to start at all? Then you might find it difficult in finding the right instruments to decide on for you first fishing trip.

Lucky for you, this article is exactly about that. Many rookie anglers have questions when it comes to the right tackle, fish finders, like the lowrance fish finder for example, gear and even locations to go to on their first fishing trip.

Here we’ve compiled a list of tips that will surely help prepare as a beginner. With these tips, we can assure you that you won’t find yourself lost and prepared for anything the waters throw at you.

License for fishing

This is essential in any country, be it in Europe, or any other continent, most areas require you to have a valid fishing license in order to be able to fish.

Be sure to buy it as the first thing before you’re fishing, unless you want a hefty fine coming your way that is. Also, study the regulations for fishing in your area carefully as to not violate them.

Fishing for certain fish species may be prohibited or heavily restricted, so it’s best to know everything beforehand.
Rods, reels and other fishing gear

This might be one of the most confusing parts since there’s so much gear you can go with. For starters, we recommend going for a more universal option for your first trip. Look for a decent quality spinning reel as well a rod to start out with. You don’t need much as it’s just the beginnings of your fishing journey.


Hooks are an essential part of any anglers kit. Without it, to put it simply, you won’t be able to catch anything at all. Basically, here you need to focus on what fish you’ll be aiming to catch. Bass for example will work amazing with worm hooks.

For panfish, the type of hook doesn’t really matter as much as the size of it. Aim for something between 6 to 8 inches in size and you should be good to go. We recommend visiting your local fishing shop and ask for what works best.


Swivels are an essential element which prevents your line from twisting around itself and overall improves your fishing experience. Typically, a three way rig is a great first timer swivel, also you may want to buy something with a snap on one end, which will simplify change of baits.


Bobbers are your friend if you’re keen on trying out fly fishing right from the get go. Typically, thin ones shaped like a pencil are your best, since they’re rather sensitive and allow you to easily observe when your fish are baiting.


For your first fishing trip, it’s best to have multiple baits at your disposal in order to tie up anything easily that works for you. Jerkbaits and crankbaits are typically the good way to go here, since they’re very dynamic and can attract multiple types of fish.

Don’t buy too much of the stuff, however, since you’re just trying out for the first time. Again, it’s worth considering visiting a local shop that understands your fishing areas better than we can. In this case, finding the right hard bait will be much easier since a professional will advise you.


You can go for a spinner as an alternative to the types of hardbaits we’ve presented above. A spinner works in a way that makes it seem that you’re using a live baitfish for your catch as it rotates and flashes in the water when it does so.

Inline spinners are your best bet here since they come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to catch anything from small panfish all the way up to giants of the lake like pike, depending on what variant you are going with.

Buy a couple of them as it’s an essential in any fishbox.

Plastic dummies

Plastic dummy bait is typically the way to go if you’re keen on catching bass on your first fishing trip, since it affects them dramatically and can trick them quite well. They’re rather cheap, so purchase a couple, to see which of those works best.

All in all
In this article, we’ve talked about the essentials when it comes to preparing for your first beginner fishing trip. While it may seem like overkill in some cases, trust us, these are key essentials which will not only make your fishing trip easier, but more enjoyable as well.

These items, moreover, are pretty cheap, so head on to your local fishing shop and purchase these things in order to have a successful first trip. Even if you don’t catch a record-breaking fish, we’re sure that with the help of these tools, it will be quite a good learning experience in fishing.

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