Essentials Of A Website Maintenance Plan

Essentials Of A Website Maintenance Plan

A business website is the foundation of your online presence, making it one of the essential aspects of your business. This is because your website is where people get introduced to your offered goods and services.

Therefore, your website needs to provide your audience with timely information, the latest news, and above all, a top-notch user experience. Failing to do so would technically mean that you’re missing out on a ton of revenue on the table because your audience and potential customers would start looking for alternatives.

In simpler words, keeping your site updated and staying on top of maintenance is quite crucial to avoid errors like “briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. check back in a minute.” And boost revenue.

This piece will tell you briefly about the essential tasks that you must add to your website maintenance plan.

Let’s dive into that.

Essentials of A Website Maintenance Plan

Having a smooth performance and the latest design is one thing, but they’re not the only reason you need to update and maintain your site regularly. Security of your and customers’ valuable data is one of the biggest reasons why you should regularly maintain your site. This is because regular maintenance can keep your site up to the latest security protocols.

Here are the essential tasks that you must add to your website maintenance plan.

Essential Tasks For Regular Site Maintenance

  • Check the page loading time of your site. Optimize the pages that have a slow loading time.
  • Backup your website data to ensure the previous version of the website is stored to be utilized later if needed.
  • Update your website core and software.
  • Look out and delete all the dead and broken links on your site. You can also redirect the traffic from such pages to other pages of your site.
  • Resolve 404-page errors if there are any.

Note that it is quite important to update your site regularly. However, you must also maintain and update your site every month.  Here are some best practices for that as well.

Essential Tasks For Monthly Site Maintenance

  • Optimize slow loading pages on your site. A great way of doing this is by using compressed media. (The ideal loading time for a web page to load up is 2-3 seconds.)
  • Remove all the cached data of your site. This will boost the overall speed of your site.
  • Run an extensive security scan on your site and check if there’s anything that you find suspicious. In case there is some suspicious activity going on, take it down without hesitation.
  • Publish timely content and the latest news on your website as it will ultimately reduce the bounce-off rate and increase the page on time.
  • Go through the previous month’s stats of your site and see what works better and what doesn’t; plan and publish your content accordingly.

There you go, these were the essential tasks that you must add to your website maintenance plan. Note that neglecting regular site maintenance can cause some serious trouble like website crashes and malware attacks.

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