gokshura tribulus energy booster capsule

gokshura tribulus energy booster capsule
Tribulus terrestris (TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS) is a dicotyledonous herbal plant of the Zygophyllaceae family. In ancient medicine, extracts of the aerial parts and fruits have been used for its diuretic, tonic, and aphrodisiac properties. Today, TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS is widely used by athletes and bodybuilders based on the belief, fueled by claims in marketing information, that it can enhance testosterone concentrations. To assess TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS’s effect on testosterone levels in human and animals, an electronic literature search out using seven databases and the patent database up to August 2013 was carried out. Randomized control trials, which included healthy human subjects ingesting TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS as sole or combined supplement, along with animal studies with TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS as a sole treatment across a number of species were included. Eleven studies met the inclusion criteria, including one patent application. The results showed that trials varied in duration, dosage and supplementation with TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS as sole or combined treatment, rendering meta-analysis impossible. A limited number of animal studies displayed a significant increase in serum testosterone levels after TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS administration, but this effect was only noted in humans when TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS was part of a combined supplement administration. Literature available for the effectiveness of TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS on enhancing testosterone concentrations is limited. Evidence to date suggests that TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS is ineffective for increasing testosterone levels in humans, thus marketing claims are unsubstantiated. The nitric oxide release effect of TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS may offer a plausible explanation for the observed physiological responses to TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS supplementation, independent of the testosterone level.
gokshura tribulus energy booster capsule
Benefits of TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS or Gokshura tribulus
  • Grow Muscles, Grow Power: With Roncuvita Tribulus Terrestris, enhance the muscular strength! Standardized to Gokshura Sapinis > 40%, 800 MG per serving helps to grow immense power. The 90 tribulus terrestris capsules in one package of power, is an amazing Dietary Supplement. It believes in the restoration of energy, and called the energy supplement Capsule
  • Bolsters Strength: It is known to give a rise to the energy levels in the body. Alongside strengthening energies, it boosts the performance of those, highly involved in physical activities. The athletes, wrestlers, bodybuilders, weight lifters, or sportsmen can benefit from this 100% pure and safe health supplement. It also enhances testosterone production and restores the stamina.
  • Support Workout sessions: Intense and hard work out sessions demand efficient assistance for muscle growth. It supports the immunity and strength to keep up with the exercises.
  • Vegetarian: 100% Vegetarian Capsules. It is made up of pure and original ingredients. It aims at progressing the energy levels. This in turn helps to reduce the stress and provide mental satisfaction. With the high quality of ingredients used, the Tribulus Terrestris manages to slip into the lives with the aim of enhancing productivity.
  • FSSAI Approved: With the approvals from FSSAI, it manages to provide maximum benefits to the user. Absolutely trustworthy, it enriches the body with energy, stamina, strength, muscle growth, low-stress levels, and extreme satisfaction.


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