Importance Of Pre School Education

Importance Of Pre School Education

arents often consider preschools to be a social platform for children to interact with other kids, have some recreational activities and break the monotony of home life. But, experts believe that preschools can be the most important year in a child’s educational journey. The right preschool with the right curricula will help build a strong foundation for your child as he/she starts schooling.  Research in preschools have shown that children show improved social skills, better grades, and fewer behavioral problems if they are taught well at an early age. The personality of the child develops as they gain confidence through playful learning. Here’s why preschool is important for the overall development of a child:

A good headstart for learning

There are a number of international schools in Singapore that have a well-defined preschool, but what is that parents look for in a good preschool is a learning environment that provides a good headstart to the students. A healthy preschool environment and activity list allows the child to learn, play, and relax in a friendly and safe space. This is a good way to enhance their physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development.

Teaching in a fun-filled way

Schools that incorporate play into the daily curriculum are the most sought after by the parent community who do not want their children to be subjected to unnecessary stress at the very start of their educational life. Formal classroom instruction should include plenty of engaging and educational playful activities go down well with parents.

Putting children on a path of life long learning

It is very important to groom students to be 21st-century learners in this day and age of digital economies. Parents would do better to choose a preschool that builds a basic foundation in students on the use of age-appropriate technologies and innovative pedagogy which trains them in the 4Cs of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Higher development in language and mathematical skills

A number of young parents choose schools that nurture young learners and ease them into the rigors of education in a smooth manner. Teaching students maths and science in a playful way familiarise them with the concepts at an early stage of schooling, which stay with them for a longer period of time. When these basics are right, students grasp higher levels of education in an easier way. Some preschools in Singapore like GIIS introduce coding and robotics using lego bricks and other child-friendly materials to teach maths to the kids. They also use audio-visual elements to teach languages. Strengthening these areas early on, make preschoolers students better equipped to deal with demands of higher education later in their life.  

Develop social and communication skills

A highly structured environment encourages a child to explore and satiate their curiosity. When this is done through play, it is even more engaging for the child. Preschoolers need a conducive environment for their physical and mental development. Ample open spaces to explore nature and enjoy outdoor fun, sandpit, water play, indoor play areas help them expand their mental horizons and gather experiences to shape their world view. It also helps them integrate and mix with peers, help them communicate better, and develop their social skills to deal with smaller problems effectively.  Most parents choose preschools that prepare their children for a better school life. After all, the child has to go through the rigors of education for the next 10 years. Which makes a good preschool an important prerequisite that will shape the child’s attitude towards school, learning, and education.

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