Important notes when sending parcel abroad

Important notes when sending parcel abroad

It is quite frustrating when you need to send one little parcel to your relative somewhere outside your local area, not a domestic shipment. For instance, if you send parcel to Germany from Greece you should take some notes before doing it.

No matter what you choose there are major things you have to have a look into. We have put some tips and answers to the most common questions in order to help you sort this out as fast and easily as possible.

What service provided should I use when sending parcel abroad?

Standard posts vs courier services is a big dilemma. Standard post offices most often offer low costs but really long delivery times. Parcel within the EU can take up to 3-4 weeks to be delivered. Worldwide deliveries to Asia, Africa, or they can take from 3 to 4 months, thus standard posts can be tricky if you are in a rush.

If it is essential to get a parcel delivered within a week pick a courier service. Most often service providers will take care of your parcel in four-day door-to-door service or different economy service that you can choose.

Is there a difference between sending a parcel within the EU and elsewhere?

If you are sending a parcel within European Union or within countries that have bilateral relations with the EU you don’t have to take care of customs clearance or brokerage which can cause much less trouble if you aren’t experienced in shipments and logistics.

If you are sending a parcel outside of European Union, somewhere overseas, or else you have to take into account customs clearance or brokerage. In order to send parcel overseas, customs will certainly check your parcel and its documentation. Invoice is essential in order to ship parcels outside of the EU.

The most common issue that customers face is indeed the missing invoice in the parcel. That affects the time of delivery drastically because either the parcel is returned to the shipper or even gets lost in logistic warehouses, either it is stuck in custom clearance posts as long as the parcel does not have proper documentation to proceed.

Pick an arrival date

Also, a great tip is to advise people to pick an arrival date rather than picking a send date. This will give you a better understanding and a bigger window for when to have your parcel ready to send.

This especially is important when you are sending a parcel during the holiday period.

What’s inside the parcel?

Keep in mind that there are certain rules when sending parcels. Some countries prohibit alcoholic beverages or medicine. Thus, if you plan to send those either you need to have specific documentation or you can’t send them.

Also, you do need to attach relevant invoice copies when sending parcel outside of the EU.

When it comes to delivery information do not stick with address only, provide as much information as possible. Provide accurate contact information of the recipient in case of an emergency situation for them to pick it up from the depo or in order to find the recipient on the premises.

What do you need to know when getting through customs

Not only people who travel abroad need to be checked before entering a certain country. Parcels do have the same rules in these circumstances.

And that’s where customer documentation knowledge comes in handy. There are specific custom clearance requirements.

If you are decided and you are planning to ship a parcel with a courier and you are planning your shipment online – you’ll be given a downloadable or web-based form to fill in. When filling it in, be comprehensive and descriptive in order to get through customs. Such attentiveness lessens the chances of parcels being held up.

Parcel packing

If you already decided what services you are going to use and you are ready to ship a parcel one of the last things to cover is how to properly pack a parcel to avoid holds.

The most important thing when it comes to packing your parcel is its protection. Most courier companies consider parcel safe to ship when they are packed in a cardboard box with cushioning inside.

If the item itself is not compatible with the size of the box you are putting it in – it is highly recommended to fill inside with some soft of cushioning. It could be foam, bubble wrap or paper. All of them are fine as long as the items inside are safe to transport.

You are ready to ship

If everything that is written above is clear you should not worry about the parcel getting lost or damaged, at least it is not your responsibility anymore. It is time to wait and from time to time check your parcel progress. Courier companies provide tracking numbers for you to track your parcel.

Also, you can share your tracking number with the recipient of the parcel in order to be up to date.

In the end

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