Important Skills Must Have to Grow in Your Career

Important Skills Must Have to Grow in Your Career

With all the hype that neuroscientists, engineers, and doctors are getting these days, it is easy to start thinking that your child needs to be a star athlete or have a doctoral degree to get ahead in the job market of their time. Recent research has shown that there is a big gap between what your children are learning at school and the skills they might need in their careers. In 20 years from now, a majority of job openings will likely be in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math and students need to start learning all kinds of skills to excel in their careers.

A List of Skills, Students Require to Prepare for Future

Digital Literacy  

Technology is an important part of society today, and it will continue to be while your kids grow up. From business to personal communication, all students need to have such technological skills that can help them navigate through to be successful. Some of these skills, like working on a computer, can be learnt with regular usage. Other difficult skills need to be taught, like coding. Familiarity with technology and technical devices can help students prepare for responsibilities in the workforce.


Most classrooms in CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi tend to have a culture of competition and independence rather than one of teamwork and collaboration. But this is not the case in offices. Employers need people who can work in teams and collaborate with others within and outside the organization. Hence, teamwork-building activities in school like games or quizzes should be made a part of students’ lives.

Critical Thinking 

In this competitive professional world, critical thinking is a must. Employers want people who can observe, analyze, and come up with smart solutions to complex dilemmas. It’s the skill that kids today need to learn to write a persuasive ad campaign, or deal with senior management of clients, etc.

Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional intelligence makes up an individual’s ability to deal with emotions effectively, create appropriate emotional relations with others, communicate competently with teams and intelligently and appropriately use emotional information to create a positive environment to work in. By mastering these skills, students will be able to have successful personal interactions, like attending job interviews or even creating a positive emotional environment for a team they might lead at work.


With easy accessibility to the internet, it has become very easy for people to set up their businesses and reach a broader demographic of customers. Entrepreneurship requires innovation, a strong knowledge of the industry or marker and adaptability in business. Any career path that your child may choose, these skills are a must-have.

To motivate and teach this generation of students, the school systems must be reinvented to be accountable for what matters the most. That means teaching them to do the work – teaching, learning and assessing – in new ways. It’s imperative that students acquire knowledge, but correct content is required to teach these core competencies.


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