Is a new car worth the stretch or should you buy a used car?

Is a new car worth the stretch or should you buy a used car?

Buying a car, or even a scooter/motorcycle could be a rather tough task, especially given the endless possibilities to how one can spend their hard-earned money. While most people prefer buying older and pre-owned vehicles, some only trust the brand-new ones.

After all, buying a brand-new car is the safest choice of the lot. Just sign a cheque, submit your documents, and be ready to drive a spanking new four-wheeler to home. However, things are a bit different on the pre-owned side, as there aren’t many choices a buyer encounters through this particular process.

So, to make your purchasing decision – and whether to decide on a new or an old car – just that bit easier, we’re going to list all the advantages and disadvantages of both. Read on.

Let’s start with the advantages of buying a pre-owned vehicle. The biggest one is, of course, that you end up saving a lot of currency. If you end up opting for a slightly used car – consider a vehicle driven around 10,000km in all its entirety – you end up saving, say, about 25-30% of what you’ll pay for a new model of the same vehicle. That’s a huge margin, considering how expensive cars have become lately and perhaps you’ll end up purchasing a vehicle from a segment above which, previously, would not have been a possibility.

You also don’t end up paying any registration fee or road tax, unless you transfer the vehicle to a different state. Moreover, you can even move to a premium brand when buying a vehicle, which might have been a mere possibility considering not all of us can’t afford to buy luxury vehicles in the first place.

Study shows that cars have been safer in recent times as opposed to in the past. This shall play as a crucial factor if you’re too concerned for your safety, but the newer safer cars – with all the electronics – aren’t exactly dynamically sound like the older ones. So, if you’re an enthusiast, buying exciting cars from the past will be more rewarding than going for a new one in many cases.

However, there are a few downsides to this process as well. While there are many certified car dealers in our country, there are uncertified options too. So, don’t expect to end up with a good product every time you step out to see a pre-owned vehicle. You also lose out on the choice of colour and trim, as the choices are very limited when purchasing a new vehicle.

Purchasing a new vehicle might only have the downside of paying more, but it’s so much more worth than you think. After all, there’s no value to one’s peace of mind. You can select the trim, accessories, colour, and the overall look of your vehicle when purchasing a new one, which is a rare possibility if you went shopping for an older product.

Moreover, as discussed above, new cars are generally safer than older ones. While this may take a smidge out of the overall driving experience, this may come in handy if any uncertain situation arrives. The inclusion of safety features like ABS, reverse parking sensors, airbags, speed alert, and seat belt warnings have been mandated in recent years, and there’s a very high possibility you might end up finding a car without these mandatory safety features. These are mandatory for a reason, after all, and that’s the safety of human beings.

A car – or even a motorcycle/ scooter – is made up of thousands of small parts that wear down by time, even if not put to any use. So, while all the parts will certainly work when you purchase a new vehicle, there are many possibilities – usually – that the older vehicle would have some dead parts inside that were not detected during the inspection process.

Most importantly, and this may seem like a bit off-topic, the happiness of purchasing a new vehicle – even if it’s a small one – is substantially more than buying an older one. And you may as well know that there’s no substitute to that.

Either way, you get what you pay for. And if you certainly can’t afford to purchase a new vehicle – which should be the first preference – you should inspect the available certified options for your next vehicle.

Ayush Khanna

Ayush Khanna is an automobile journalist. Born and residing in the capital state of India, he has a knack for driving and testing cars and bikes to their extreme limits.

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