Practical: all the collect & delivery services of our supermarkets together for you

Practical: all the collect & delivery services of our supermarkets together for you

Clothes, gadgets, and ready meals, we’ve had them delivered to your door for a long time. But shopping online KSA Is also on the rise, even if this is not yet fully anchored in people’s minds but why is that? Because we don’t want to miss our weekly outlet to the supermarket or simply because the delivery service is not yet top? 

We have put together, just for you, the different formulas from the different supermarkets so that you can directly discover the formula that suits you best.

Delivery Masters

Via Delivery, you can select and order your groceries online and have them delivered to the collection point of your choice (collect) or to your home (delivery). The withdrawal is free. Home delivery costs 5.45 € if you add the product (the famous “deals”) of the week to your reservation. Otherwise, it will cost you € 9.95.

Advantage? The website is user friendly and has a separate tab for new products, the organic and environmentally friendly products, the specific diet products and promotions. Your Plus points are also automatically encoded, added and taken into account.
Disadvantage? Not all Delivery Masters stores have a pick-up point and home delivery is only possible in municipalities with these postal codes.

 Delivery Masters Crossroads

Carrefour has a specific website dedicated to online orders: Carrefour Drive. You see immediately what you want or can order where and when, because the website is extremely user-friendly. The products are on the left, the specials in the middle and your basket is waiting for you on the right. Withdrawal of your purchases can be done from 4.50 € and home delivery from 14.45 €.

Advantage? Here too, great product categories are available depending on the season such as barbecue, Easter, local products, etc. The time to place your order differs from store to store. In most stores you can place your order up to 24 hours in advance, but there are also stores where your purchases are ready in as little as half an hour. Your Bonus points are also automatically encoded, added and taken into account.

Disadvantage? Home delivery is available, but not everywhere. The service charges that you pick up or have your order delivered to your home differ from region to region.


SMSA Express not only has an array of folders brimming with inspiration, but also two practical websites for ordering online: Collect & Go for delicatessen and Collis hop for everything related to the garden, home and business. In the kitchen. On Collect & Go, you can select the SMSA Express and Bio-Planet products you like and then pick them up in store. The service costs € 5.50.

Advantage? You can pay when picking up your goods. In the webshop, you can also always take advantage of actions linked to different brands, thanks to which your shopping is prepared for you at no cost, provided that you buy product x from brand y. Discover here the actions underway on the SMSA Express and Bio-Planet web shops.

Disadvantage? The webshop has since grown to such an extent that it is not always easy to find your favorite items.

Lid also has its own webshop, mainly for wine, home, garden, kitchen and fashion items. Both in the Lid folder and on the website, the actions of this week and the following weeks are given pride of place. The webshop delivers to your home, but charges € 2.99 for shipping costs. Here, on the other hand, you must first create an online profile before you can shop online.

Alde, Spar and other smaller supermarkets do not currently have a proper webshop. Alde does have a few online services (such as, for example, a recommendation service and a callback service) which, in their own words, make your trips to Alde more interesting and easier.

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