Read This If You Want To Get High Security Registration Plate In Haryana

Read This If You Want To Get High Security Registration Plate In Haryana

The Government has made both HSRPs and FASTags mandatory in India for all the motor vehicles. The application to get HSRPs and/or FASTags can be submitted online by the vehicle owners from anywhere and anytime. For instance, if you want to get a Kotak FASTag, you can apply for it at the bank’s online portal. Similarly, you can apply for HSRPs online as per your state.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has made HSRPs compulsory for the motor vehicles along with the colour-coded sticker. HSRPs have been introduced to keep a tab on stolen vehicles having duplicate number plates. High Security Registration Plate aka HSRPS are aluminium based, have two non-reusable locks and a chromium-based hologram of Ashoka Chakra. All these parameters ensure that the registration plate is genuine and not duplicate.

As stated above, you have to apply for an HSRP according to the state you reside in. For example, you can submit an online application for HSRP Haryana from the Haryana government authorized portal The price of an HSRP is decided by the state government as the central government has not fixed its price. Thus, it may vary from one state to another. The price of an HSRP also varies depending on the category or type of motor vehicle. In Haryana, you can get an HSRP for about Rs 300-400 for two-wheelers and around Rs 600-1000 for four-wheelers.

It is with mentioning that the HSRP online portal is very seamless and secure to use. Hence, you can submit the payment online without any worries. It saves so much time as you do not have to visit the offline centres anymore. Apart from HSRPs, you can also apply for colour-coded stickers online in Haryana from the official website. However, if you still wish to get an HSRPs through offline mode, then you can visit the local RTOs or authorised auto dealers along with relevant documents and application fee. The same website portal also enables you to track or check your status online. However, you should track the order only after 3-4 days of successful submission of payment.

In order to make the process easy-to-understand to the citizens of the state, the Haryana government has also released an official notification regarding the High Security Number Plates and according to this notification, High Security Registration Plate and hologram based colour coded stickers are mandatory in Haryana. Moreover, those vehicles that have faded HSRP or colour coded stickers are supposed to replace it with the new plates and stickers. The complete process of getting the HSRP in Haryana is closely monitored to enable better transparency. The ease of access is also ensured by the Government and due to this, the online portal has been designed. When it comes to colour-coded stickers, an orange colour hologram sticker is used for a diesel vehicle, a light blue colour sticker is for petrol-based vehicles and CNG vehicles whereas a grey hologram sticker is for the rest of the category of vehicles.

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