Safety Tips to Handle Drum Tipper in your Factory

Safety Tips to Handle Drum Tipper in your Factory

If you are running a large or small production unit, there are a few pieces of equipment that every factory needs to smoothly conduct its operations. Drum tipper is one of those important factory equipment required to establish an effective manufacturing system. 

It allows people to safely transfer content from drums while providing access to the material present in them. For heavy industries like oil refineries or construction units, a drum tipper is very useful to transfer content from drums. Tipper is positioned directly above the receiving vessel to avoid heavy manual lifting. 

Usually, empty industrial barrels are around 250kg, and full drums can weigh beyond 350kg, which is way above the manual weight lifting limit. According to the UK manual weight lifting guide, males are allowed to handle 25kg and females 16kg, which is way above the basic drum weight. 

Therefore, if you care about your workers’ well-being, you should get tippers to handle heavy drum lifting. Moreover, you should train your workers to accurately use tippers so they won’t injure themselves or spill the entire drum content. In this guide, we will discuss some of the common safety tips to handle tippers. 

Tips to Use Drum Tipper

ILO has estimated over 2.3 million men and women scum to work-related injuries and diseases worldwide. The data is shocking, but we all know that facts never lie. Therefore, if you want to protect your workers from harmful injuries while lifting heavy drums, do share the following safety tips with them:

Safety Gears

First thing first, make sure that your workers are fully secure to handle a drum tipper. They should be properly dressed to do the job. Ensure that they are wearing a hard cap to protect themselves from head injuries. Also, chemical resistant gloves, appropriate footwear, safety goggles, and respirator to avoid inhaling toxic material. It is your responsibility to provide all the safety gear to your workers and ensure that they always wear them. 

Move Drum Safely 

When you are moving drums in the organization, make sure that the lid is properly closed. Also, check for any leakages or holes. Importantly, while shifting drums from one location to another, clear the entire pathway and remove all the obstacles from the way so you can safely move drums. 

Before loading drums on the moving trolley, thoroughly check it. If the trolley isn’t in good condition, anything could go wrong in the way. Be extra careful on the steep areas as drums can easily roll around. 

Drum Lifting 

For lifting heavy drums, you need to provide a specific set of instructions to your workers, such as:

  • Test your drum lifting equipment properly before starting the lifting process. 
  • Ensure that the connection between the lifter and drum is secure; otherwise, the grip can lose any time and cause an accident. 
  • Don’t leave drums up in the air when you have to take a break. 
  • While lowering down the drum on the ground, make sure that no loose fire or active cable is present on the ground. 

Drum Tipping Instructions

Finally, when you have to transfer one drums content to another or into the big vessel, do follow these instructions:

  • Always double-check the connection between the drum tipper and the drum. And the operator should never stand in front of the rotator. 
  • Drum tipping should be done at a very slow speed to prevent content from spilling out. 
  • Drum tipping is a two-person job. One should always see where content is going, and one needs to control the tipping machine. 
  • The receiving vessel should be big enough to hold the entire content of the drum. 
  • Once drum content is transferred, slowly lower them down to the ground. 

It is a highly technical job to handle drums in the factories. Therefore, you should fully train your workers in moving, lifting, and tipping drums. For further drum tipper consultation or to order a custom tipper suiting your needs, you can contact the METO system anytime. Our team is always ready to help.

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