A Guide to Finding Out About Screen Printing Businesses In The Fashion World.

A Guide to Finding Out About Screen Printing Businesses In The Fashion World.

Starting a business for the first time or buying screen printed T-shirts to brand your existing business, custom T-shirts have always been the part and parcel of marketing efforts for a long time. Companies be it big or small use them as marketing tactics to target their local customers, and make all the possible efforts to help them remember the brand.

That being said, if you have ever participated in a tradeshow just to see what types of businesses are present, you must have had interaction with a few who would have handed you out with some type of promotional apparel.

For instance, back in my college days, I participated in a tradeshow exhibition for my college project and ended up getting three different types of promotional T-shirts embedded with company logo, name, and information.

This happened a few years ago and though I didn’t wear those T-shirts outside the premises of my home, I still remember their products and services to this day.

Personalized screen printing is an important service which decoration companies provide for various businesses, but finalizing on the right decoration company that works well under your budget should be your catch.

While we agree that there are several factors that you should look into, the most important choice you should make is to decide if you are going for a local screen printing company or a national screen printing company.

We don’t judge you for your choices, and to be honest, both of these companies have their merits and de-merits which we will talk about in this blog. So without any further delay, let us begin.

Checking out the location of your screen printing company is vital to your branding success.

The best part about working with local screen printing companies is that you get to communicate with them more often. During the planning and development phase of your screen printed T-shirts, you can visit their shop multiple times, discuss with them the changes (if you have any), and communicate with them about the entire process without any hesitation.

Customers who closely work with a local screen printing company can check and balance the entire process and get amazing results in no time. Also, if the company is delivering quality T-shirts under a budget, there is no point in going to a national screen print company. But if you are not getting the results suitable to your needs, by all means, go for a national screen print company.

One interesting thing about national screen printing company is that you can communicate with them all the way to the company, but their services are very much restricted and not the same as a local company.

Unlike local screen printing companies where the process of communication is efficient, national companies have a tiresome schedule and sometimes you have to wait for hours to get their response. Visiting their printing warehouse is difficult and you only get to communicate with them either on a phone or through an email which is long process and sometimes goes through customer services representatives who give you the standard answers without even checking your order.

When arguing about whether local screen printing services are better than national screen printing services, it is important to talk about the shipping methods and the charges incurred in delivering your orders.

In general, businesses and individuals when placing an order with either local or national printing companies go for bulk orders. These bulk orders consume a lot of resources and production and after completion becomes heavy making the delivery system completely hectic. While you may get your orders delivered to you without any hassle, the charges are steep and may never come under your budget, if you are rooting for affordable custom apparel.

Therefore, we recommend you to get a screen print quote about shipping charges, bulk charges, and additional costs prior to making the order. This will help you formulate whether this company is working under your requirements or not.

You can do even better and communicate with a local screen printing company in your area. This will allow you to save logistics and shipping costs, and you can always collect your printed apparel in your personal vehicle, allowing you to save an extra chunk of money.

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