The Art Of Cold Calling: Tips & Tricks for Sales Development

The Art Of Cold Calling: Tips & Tricks for Sales Development

The years 2020 and 2021 have brought about significant change in the methods of carrying out business operations. As a matter of fact, online ventures existed in the past too, but it has now become a necessity instead of an option. Accordingly, pitching in your ideas, strategies and products to strangers over calls is what has gained an upper hand like never before. 

That is exactly what cold calling refers to— where you contact potential individuals or companies and try to sell your product or business plans in the most formal yet interesting way possible. 

That is exactly the reason why cold calling is no longer a process but has now turned into an art. This is for the reason that it takes a lot of skill sets, timing, strategic thinking, proper use of words, duration, pitching and much more. 

Let us now take a look at the various tips and tricks for sales development and the art of cold calling that will go a long way for your company! 

What are the cold calling tips and tricks? 

Cold calling involves talking to prospects with whom your company has not had any past interactions or communication. A salesperson is also trained to direct cold calls towards those companies that have not shown any interest in your products or services. 

While there is no definite structure that will hit the right chords in your potential buyer’s mind and heart, here are some tips and tricks that can make things much more promising for your way in the art of cold calling. Some of the tricks that will benefit you are:

Be ready to face rejection without feeling embarrassed 

Avoiding running away from rejection is the most important step in any venture. Face your worst times and worst rejections. Before making a call, practice getting rejected in the worst possible way by one of your fellow colleagues. If your buyer seems to be polite, take another attempt and ask why they are not interested. But just don’t run away! 

Direct your efforts towards learning

In any scenario, make it a point to learn something from your calling session. This will not harm your buyers but definitely prophet you as the sales team representative. Prepare a script and go ahead with it every time. Note the point up to which you can continue or the line at which the call is disconnected. Rewrite from that point. Do this until your full script can be pitched. Keep learning, don’t stop! 

Avoid unnecessary wastage of time

It is very important to know that your efforts are working towards any prospect that has the chance of being interested in your company. This is when you will have to conduct your research about the potential companies — their areas of operation, needs, requirements, services and business modes. That is the only way to avoid random calls and wastage of time.

Calling at the correct time

This is one of the essential things to take note of – making cold calls at the right time. Always begin by asking if it is an appropriate time to call. Learn from the previous experiences and browse the web to find out the time that will be most favorable in terms of closing the deal for your organization. 

Mould your script with confidence

Every word of what you say during a cold call must sell. You should speak as you believe in what your company stands for and not just blabber. That way, the buyer has a better chance of believing what you want them to buy. The output will be more rewarding sales! 

Build a team

For every purpose that needs to be fulfilled, your company needs a dedicated team. The art of cold calling would essentially require a sales development team along with an outbound SDR manager whose main task is to deal with all the outbound prospects from which your company can benefit. 

No matter what you are looking for, some professional advice always helps. This applies to cold calling and sales as well. Tenbound – the master of expertise and solutions can help you hit the record of mastering the art of cold calling and building a team of outbound SDR

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