Things To Learn For Beginners About Wikipedia Page Creation

Wikipedia is one of the biggest sources of information in history, as it was created by different volunteer authors spread all around the world. So, how can we learn about Wikipedia Page Creation? How to edit an existing page? Let’s take a look together.

Wikipedia is one of the most popular sources of information on the internet, with more than 55 million articles. The articles in question and all information are added or controlled by voluntary and anonymous editors. Also, anyone can become a Wikipedia editor only if he knows the strict rules and policies of Wikipedia.

More than 594 articles are added in Wikipedia is daily basis. You too may want to be one of these people. Creating a Wikipedia page is a difficult task and requires complete knowledge about Wikipedia and its policies. Not following such rules, guidelines and policies may cause your page or article removed within a short period of time. Best recommendation is to count on an expert to avoid wasting time and efforts.

What should be considered when creating and editing a page on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia seems like a very difficult platform to use at first glance. It can be a little frustrating to start by creating a new page right away. Instead, studying how already created article looks on the panel is one of the ways that makes it easier to become a Wikipedia writer. The more you edit the page, the more you will get used to the layout. Working on Wikipedia will also be more comfortable.

When writing an article, don’t submit your work to a platform that requires an internet connection. In the slightest internet or power outage, everything you have written until then can go to waste. Instead, it is best to avoid the risk of losing your writing skills by using programs, such as Office Word that allow you to work on your own computer and save it whenever you want.

Do not use a single piece of information without specifying the source

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Although, it may be confused from time to time, the information contained in it is really taken care of to be reliable. The main reason for the trust that the platform has built in people is Wikipedia’s principles. So, if you want the page you created or the changes you made to be approved, add resources even for information that you will be accepted by everyone.

You can indicate your sources in parentheses right after the word you provided or after the first punctuation mark after the word. In order to add a resource, you can press the Source button on Wikipedia’s own panel and select the type of your resource and enter the necessary information.

Note the copyright of the images you use

One of the most important issues you should be careful about while working on Wikipedia is not to violate the copyright of the images. When writing an encyclopedia article, it is very important to support it with the right number of images. However, the images you use must either belong to you or not to be subject to copyright. Otherwise, your article will not be approved.

Another thing to keep in mind when understanding that how to make a Wikipedia page is that the use of visuals does not to be numerous. You can go to any Wikipedia article and see that most of the pages is covered in text. In other words, you do not have to use many visual elements as if you are writing a news article, although the use of visual is important.

Stay to a topic you’ve created about a page

Since Wikipedia is an internet encyclopedia, the most important point that it differs from printed encyclopedias is that it can be kept up to date. Therefore, if you want to preserve the value of the page you create, you should support it with up-to-date information as much as you can. If your page is out of date, it may be included in the “Pages candidate for deletion” category.

Suppose you create a Wikipedia page about a locally renowned sports team. One team’s success on the page, or what season league, you will need to provide information as to which year which players were playing. If you give every detail while creating the page but stop updating after a while, your article will diverge from Wikipedia standards.

Take your time and be patient

Wikipedia can tire people who want to contribute. If you decide to become a Wikipedia writer or a contributor, you have to take that into consideration that creating articles with quality and reliability is not something that can happen in such a short time as today. It really takes hard work.

Articles you originally wrote or changes you made may not be approved. You need to be more careful at those points in your next work by examining what you did wrong. In fact, it’s understandable that Wikipedia has such strict rules. Especially in an environment, such as the internet, a site where information can be added by everyone must have strict rules in order to remain reliable.


Wikipedia is indeed one of the most robust sources of information available on the internet. Wikipedia does not recommend creating a page with a URL when creating a new page. Because the pages created in this way remain “orphans” – in Wikipedia’s term. Pages created by clicking the red links attract more attention because they are supported by more than one article. Naturally, contributing to such a platform is also an act of pride. This platform can help any business to grow all over the internet and get tons leads and sales.


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