Top Best Ways to Recycle Old Car Parts

Top Best Ways to Recycle Old Car Parts

With the end of an old car’s useful life, as a driver of used cars for sale in Jamaica, you need to explore how to Recycle Old Car Parts. Options such as scrap yards or selling the parts to other interested parties are considered the best alternatives for when the vehicle will not be driven. That is why it is necessary to recycle with the end of the old car’s useful life. The old scrap yards have become authentic recycling companies.

Recyclable and not Recyclable:

The remains of the vehicle are pressed to transport them to the shredding plant. A hammermill grinds them into pieces of between 20 and 38 centimeters. The fragments pass through magnetic currents that separate the metal parts; from the rest of the materials. Scrap is sent to the steel industry, where it is recycled.

Let’s see where that 87% of the vehicle weight comes from. On the one hand, what surrounds it, is the sheet. Steels and metals such as aluminum, copper or zinc, allow  85% recycling for foundries, although they do not have energy use. Fluids such as antifreeze or brake fluid and oil cannot be used to produce energy either; they are recycled by 1%.

Tires and other parts made with rubbers can be  3% recycled. As for plastics, they are divided into two categories. Some are recycled between 3.3 and  8%, while the others are used for the production of energy (3 to 8%). Glass also has a lousy percentage of recycling; besides, it cannot generate energy either. Upholstery, paper, or cardboard are used energetically in little more than 1%, the rest being thrown to landfills. The same is true for materials and parts such as brake shoes or oil filters.

To Recycling Factories:

It must be taken to an authorized center to recycle a vehicle, where each material will be appropriately treated without recycling itself, producing polluting agents. Keep in mind that not all recycling factories have the same technology. Several decommissioned vehicles per year have not been adequately decontaminated or recycled before being broken up or fragmented.

The law fines the abandonment of vehicles on public roads, so canceling it is an obligation. Various companies are dedicated to deregistering vehicles. They collect it free of charge to take it to scrap and send the Certificate of Destruction, essential to know that it has been discharged from the DGT.

Discard Your Old Car:

Fortunately, fewer are dedicated to abandoning their car in the street, parking lot, or open field, and, if it still occurs, on many occasions, it is due to unlawful issues. There are also those who are unaware of the procedures or alternatives to get rid of the cars for sale in Jamaica. Those alternatives go through managing it yourself, doing it halfway, or letting others solve the issue for you. In the event of a claim, the insurance can give you around 80% of the vehicle’s value.

Besides, scrapped cars for sale in Jamaica go to the recycling or scrapping plants from the owner’s hands. After a decontamination stage, in which batteries, liquids, plastics, textiles, and wiring are removed, what can be recycled from what is left of the vehicle is assessed. When only metals remain, it is compressed reducing its volume or taken to final recycling.

 Do it Yourself Practice:

Doing it yourself implies requesting the final cancellation of the vehicle at your town hall. It is free and fast, and it is enough that the owner asks it. Hence, if there is room, skill, and willingness to get some money by offering the pieces that can be saved, it is a matter of being scrapped. Once the parts are inventoried, it is as simple as getting involved in placing advertisements on specialized portals with photos and a good description.

It is likely that, initially,  certain “spare parts” will be taken out of your hands (especially consumables or some item of the model that is difficult to find), but little by little, the rate will decrease.  Discard the old car halfway brings us to the third option, as simple as calling and forgetting, but it is not the way. The parts of your old vehicle can be used as a replacement in another car of the same model.

Paid Recycle Point:

There is a new generation of junkyards that are true emporiums of car recycling. Going to them is as simple as sending an email or making a phone call. They will demand the documentation (technical sheet, circulation permit, being the vehicle owner, or authorization), and they spend record time with a tow truck to remove the car. In a couple of days, they have discharged it, and you will be sent proof of its “destruction.”

Things improve; they are going to pay you something for scrapped cars for sale in Jamaica, which is not bad. If you know how to scrap the vehicle yourself, you can sell piece by piece to potentially interested parties for spare parts and earn some more money. This seems to be the most logical way due to its immediacy, comfort, and seriousness.

The conclusion is that  08 to  13% of a vehicle is used to produce energy, and 88 to 90% is recycled into other materials. The percentage of recyclability of plastics varies between different vehicle models. The more modern the vehicle’s manufacture date, the more and better its parts can be used.

Wilf York

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