Top Birthday Gifts for Your Teenager

Top Birthday Gifts for Your Teenager

Everything is bound to change, starting from a taste for clothes, hobbies and also friends. It is therefore very daunting to select birthday gifts for teens. There is no guarantee that what they once liked is still relevant or not and that can lead to a long thread of planning and research to select a gift, smart enough to be appreciated. We try making this process easier for you. Just visit Shopee Malaysia and avail discounts with Shopee Coupon.

Birthday gifts for girls

All girls in their teens are different from one another. This depends on the many influences that they are exposed to. Their choice of music, the people they spend time with, even their daily hobbies. Let’s review the best gifts for teenage girls that will be loved by all teenage girls!
Amazon gift card
One gift that no teenager would regret to have is an Amazon gift card. You can let them do their own choice of shopping for their birthday with the ease of knowing what they buy as you will be verifying their purchase.

Apple Airpods, Bluetooth headphones, and more

Technology is overwhelming for all teenagers nowadays. Our teenagers are more prone to technology then we all have been in our entire life. You can buy them as an accessory for their iPhones.

Their favorite book

The best gift for them is a book that you like the most. They will take time to acquaint themselves with it, but eventually, they will value it learning some great lessons for life. This would help them develop a mind for creativity and prepare them for better future decisions. Shopee brings to you a wide collection of books and magazines. Get cheap books with Shopee Coupon and enjoy major discounts.

Cinema and Concert tickets

Your teenage girl probably visits the cinema or a concert with her friends often. In some cases, with her boyfriend as well! So, go ahead and gift her two tickets to her favorite concert or movie.

Gifts for boys

External Battery Power Bank

Everything now is on the go! With hours of gameplay on their mobile phones, the battery usually will drain out. A good gift, for such a situation, would be a pocket-sized power bank to be able to make sure the battery never dies and remains charged


I gave my son this on his 15th birthday and I am quite sure it will be your favorite too. Needless to say, my son loved it! This gadget is budget-friendly and comes along with an attached camera to help them record all of their teenage adventures. Shopee Malaysia is a wonderful source for shopping tech items at cheap prices especially if you use Shopee Coupon.

Unisex gifts for teens

Here are the birthday gifts we discovered that will make all teenagers happy they will be excited to use them anytime, anywhere!


Every kid carries a mobile phone from a very young age nowadays and are much aware of its technology. However, they would want to change their phone with specific features and aesthetic designs available in the market. Therefore, you can gift your boy a smartphone that you can be certain is a good choice for him. Of course, in this case, you might have to look at your budget!

Portable Bluetooth speaker

Every teenager likes music therefore, a good gift, in this case, is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a bass boost. This would create a loud stereo sound and takes things over the edge with its unique bass boost.

Spotify subscription

As aforementioned, every teenager likes music. Spotify is a must for such people as it gives them access to a wide range of songs, podcasts, and videos from around the world. So, gifting them a Spotify premium subscription is meaningful and well-appreciated.

Uno card game

I loved UNO when I was a teen and I am sure you’ll do too. A popular card game that has taken over the world is liked by every teenager. This will help them reduce their screen time as well as allow them to spend more time at home. The game has, however, evolved over time so you can pick the best one that your teen kid will love to spend time with.

Get going and shop for your loved one right now. Visit Shopee and don’t forget to grab your Shopee Coupon to enjoy big savings. Teens rule today’s world, especially the music world. Due to this, buying a gift for teenagers can be difficult most of the time. Moreover, finding that cool enough item that is also age-appropriate is even harder. To help you out, we tried collecting some ideas for your shopping easier, whether they are into movies, music, fashion, or cultural trends. I hope you found this useful, regardless of what they’re into.

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