Top Hardwood Floor Woes And How To Fix Them

Top Hardwood Floor Woes And How To Fix Them

Hardwood floors are considered the gold standard of the Calgary home floors. However, they do offer challenges as they age. Whether you have moved it in a home with worn hardwood flooring, or have decided to correct some issues with floors you’ve been living with for years, knowing how to make repairs is important. Here is a look at the top hardwood floor woes with tips on how you can fix them.


As your floors are exposed to day-to-day life, they will start to look dingy and lose their sheen. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • Dirt tracked into the home
  • Less obvious, but widespread superficial scratches
  • Wear of the finish

Luckily, this is by far the easiest wood flooring woe to repair with a good cleaning. Follow these steps:

  • Sweep your floors with a soft bristle broom to clear away all the debris.
  • Complete the process with a good vacuuming to catch anything stuck between your floorboards, and under the baseboards along the perimeter of the room.
  • Use a microfibre cloth with a concentrated hardwood floor cleaner to mop the floors.
  • Avoid any products with suds as this leaves watermarks on the hardwood.

This should get your floors looking a bit more like themselves. The key is to continue to keep the surfaces clean, using your micro cloth or vacuum a few times a week. Do the full cleaning gamut every month or so to reduce dullness.

Deep Down Dullness

If you find you don’t get the results you want using the above method, there are a few products you can try that helps restore floor finishes without the need to sand and stain. These often come in kits and require a few steps, but tend to see pretty impressive results. Look for trusted brands, and speak to your local Calgary hardwood flooring specialists to ask for recommendations. You can even find some products that offer your choice of sheens such as satin or gloss.

These products can offer results for half a year or longer when used right. They work because they are very thick so fill the scratches and dents are causing the dullness. Once dry, your floors should be greatly improved. If not, it might mean you need to consider refinishing or even replacing your Calgary hardwood floors if you are really unhappy with their appearance.

Floorboard Gaps

Gaps not only look bad but can also lead to trips or splinters. This flooring woe takes a bit more work including some sanding, filling with a wood filler, and then sanding some more. However, the only time of year you should attempt this little fix is during the summer. During the winter when it is colder, the filler will be more contracted, and when warm humid weather arrives, your floors will contract and force the filler up and out of its spot.

To fill the gaps:

  • Vacuum out any debris caught in the gap
  • Clean the floorboards and gap with a damp cloth
  • Apply the wood putty (choose a color close to your floorboards) and smooth it out with your finger compressing it so it reaches the bottom of the gap
  • Use a putty knife to smooth the service and remove excess putty gently so you don’t scratch the floorboards

Be sure to follow the instructions regarding drying and setting times before using a damp cloth to wipe away the dry residue. Be sure to be gentle so you don’t disturb your repair job. You can also add stain or a lacquer finish to help it blend in with the floorboards.

Another way you can repair gaps is to use wood slats:

  • Measure the width and length of the gap
  • Using a piece of wood of like color, cut tiny strips using the measurements (ideally you have a sample of your existing flooring)
  • You should use a table saw to get a more precise cut, but a handsaw can be used in a pinch
  • Apply wood glue to the unexposed sides of the wood and tap into place to get it as level with the floor as possible
  • Wipe away excess glue with a damp cloth and let it dry
  • Gently sand the strip to get it as flush as possible to the floorboards and try to avoid removing your floor’s finish
  • Stain and/or finish the strips to get as close a match as possible to your floor

This process is more difficult, but also tends to get better, longer-lasting results.

These tips will help keep your Calgary hardwood floors looking their best.

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