Is It Necessary To Take So Much Time on Trading Mistakes Rather Than The Good Trades?

Is It Necessary To Take So Much Time on Trading Mistakes Rather Than The Good Trades?

A lot of traders in CFD trading are occupied with the task of improving their trading out of the mistakes they created. Then they give very little time on the things about good trading. Only very few traders are focusing on the good sides of their trades. How did I take that profitable trade? How should I improve it? These questions are seldom heard.

Asking the Right Questions

Although it seems to be a boring topic to many, it is very essential and stands at the center of your trading strategy as well as your way of thinking like a trader. Are you asking the right questions to yourself? Are you getting enough good trades and analyzing it after your wins? Ask yourself these questions. Why should you ask yourself from time to time matters concerning a bad trade when you can also focus on how to improve your good trade or how to repeat it again?

Don’t Get Too Overconfident

Going through a winning streak feels totally great. It feels like you are at the top of the game. This is also the moment when your confidence is at its peak. Reaching this unprecedented level of confidence could result in worsening trading results.

Humans will always be humans. We are prone to committing mistakes throughout our lives. As for beginners in trading, they are not well-trained to see the financial market as to how experienced traders see it.

Success equals success. “The more profitable you get, the more profitable you want to get” – this statement means disaster. This is the line where most traders walk and it is very difficult to get delineated.

Greed and Fear

Have you ever created a mistake in trading out of greed or fear? If this same question is asked to a trader a thousand times all over again, we unknowingly make it a self-evident truth. The more we ask ourselves these questions, the more we become prone to mistakes.

So, How Come Only a Few Traders Talk About Good Trading Analysis?

How is it possible that only very few traders talk about their stunning performance and how they managed to get a string of wins? Why get preoccupied with losing trades when you can focus more on the good trades you’ve made?

Checking on your good trades is also a very important matter. By doing so, you will know how you acquired the winning streak, how you managed your trading strategy to be able to acquire such successful trade. These things are worth mentioning. Don’t focus your attention on the losses.

Are You Inept in Making Difference?

Are you the kind of trader incompetent enough to make a difference? Why do you find it so hard to look for a profitable trading system and stick to it afterward? It all boils down to the questions you ask yourself as a trader in CFD Trading.

Now, ask this question to yourself: When was the last time I analyzed a profitable trade? Then ask yourself how you managed to be profitable that day. Is there a way to improve it?

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