Why Are Electric ATVs Friendly For Kids?

Why Are Electric ATVs Friendly For Kids?

Electric vehicles are gaining massive popularity among buyers these days. People have started to support electric vehicles and this is indeed a good development in the recent vehicle consumer trends. Alternatively fueled vehicles are a step towards an ecologically balanced and sustainable world. 

In addition to these pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles are also available in the market and they use both gasoline and electricity as fuel. Companies such as Nissan, Ford, and Chevrolet make hybrid cars while companies like Tesla produce pure electric vehicles. 

Electric vehicles have the following benefits:

No gas required

An obvious benefit of an electric vehicle there is no need for you to refuel your car at a pitstop. These vehicles run on electricity and by charging them once you can easily cover around 200-300 miles. Also, electricity is much cheaper than gasoline. So by opting for an electric vehicle people can save more money.


Electric cars are more convenient than gasoline-fueled cars. First of all, they do not need any special equipment to recharge. You can simply attach the plug of the car to any household socket and voila your car is ready to hit the road. Also, there are no major spare parts to be replaced in an electric car as there is a single-engine unit installed in the electric vehicles. And because of this, you get a lot more storage options compared to a gasoline-fueled vehicle.

Safe option

Electric cars undergo the same set of fitness and testing challenges as any other normal car. And most of the electric cars have got 3 stars or above in most of these tests. Also, having a low center of gravity makes these cars more stable in case of a collision.

These cars do not involve any kind of fuel emissions so there are fewer chances of them exploding in any road accident. Also, the advantage of running on clean energy gives electric vehicles an upper hand. Pure electric vehicles are better than hybrid cars in terms of emissions.

Low maintenance

As there is no gasoline-powered engine in electric vehicles there is no need for lubrication in electric vehicles. Also as discussed earlier these engines are installed as a single unit and have very few moving parts thus bringing down the cost of maintenance.

Expensive maintenance is a thing of the past with electric vehicles.

Due to these benefits, not only adults kids’ vehicles are also getting popular in their electric form. Pocket bikes, electric kids’ ATV, and electric quad bikes are some of the kids’ vehicles that have recently gained popularity and their sales figures are good in the present market.

Here are the specifications of kids’ electric ATVs:

Specifications of kids electric ATV

Kids’ electric ATVs are generally smaller in size as they weigh around 10-50 kgs and are battery-equipped. The battery installed in these vehicles is usually 12V and there might be more than one battery unit installed in some of the high-powered kids’ electric ATVs. The seat is positioned at the height of 2-4 meters, and the handlebar of these ATVs is placed at an upright position. This allows the kids to ride the ATV in a normal seating position without slouching or crouching their backs. Some of the ATVs also come with pre-installed accessories such as electric LED lights and an artificial noise indicator.

Electric ATVs are a good option for the kids considering the range of benefits they provide:

Benefits of kids electric ATV-

#1 Safety

Electric ATVs are a safe option for the kids. There is a difference between the ATVs that adults ride and kids’ electric ATVs. In the electric ATVs designed for kids, power is toned down to match and safety options are increased keeping a child’s safety in mind. The speed of these electric vehicles is also limited and reduces the chances of an accident due to excessive speed.

#2 Silent vehicles

Regular ATVs can be a nuisance for your neighborhood as they come with loud roaring engines. On the other hand, a kids’ electric ATV is completely silent and there is noise pollution. So by choosing an electric ATV for your kid you are limiting noise pollution.

#3 Economical

ATVs running on gasoline generate higher power and thus consume more fuel. Also, a small breakdown in these engines can cause catastrophic damage and you would have to pay a huge amount of money to repair them.

Going by these parameters ATVs are a lot more reliable as the whole unit runs on rechargeable batteries and these batteries can be replaced easily without any hassles. Also, the batteries cost only a fraction of the cost you would spend on repairing a gasoline-powered ATV.

#4 Practical 

As discussed earlier, electric vehicles do not require frequent service and maintenance like gasoline vehicles. All you need to do is recharge the battery and the ATV is good to go.

With these benefits, you can always rely on an electric ATV. If you find these features exciting and want an ATV for your kid too then click here to view a diverse range of kids’ electric ATV.

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