Why Corporate Videos Are the Best Form of Internal Communication in 2020

Why Corporate Videos Are the Best Form of Internal Communication in 2020

There is an increasing trend of using videos to deliver product information and service benefits. However, there has been observed a new corporate communication trend in 2020 which relies on videos for the purpose of internal communication.

The use of corporate videos is the best form of internal communication through which the corporation can benefit from, immensely,

If you don’t have an internal team that can get this task done, then hire an expert corporate video production company and get your corporate video made, but don’t delay this at all.

We shall discuss how do corporate videos benefit internal communication and corporation constituents or employees:

1. Retraining

Retraining is probably the best example through which corporate videos benefit internal communication. The introduction of new technology in the workplace may mean hassle for a few employees.

They may have to learn new techniques required for operation and functionality. Corporate videos bridge the gap between these. A simple, informational video can easily instruct employees on how to operate and function new technology or machinery.

2. Employee And Staff

Employees and staff appreciate communication to the highest level possible. Not only do videos help staff members and employees to input their opinions during meetings but also notify them of their intellectual acknowledgment.

How would you feel if every morning you had a personalized video prompt that not only wished you good morning but also asked if you had any feedback for improving the workplace environment?

Such type of things increase staff morale and ensure that they are retained. Employee loyalty decreases the cost of expertise lost when such employees leave the company or business due to dissatisfaction.

2. Updated Employees

This is perhaps another good example of the practical use of corporate videos when aiming for excellent internal communication.

Supposedly, there is an announcement to be made. An outdated version of internal announcements can be printing out circulars by the hundreds and then assigning them to one person so he or she can take them around the floors of the office – and distribute them.

However, on the bright side, an innovative option would be to air a video that contains the announcement. The announcement can be made by the CEO, the Senior Admin, or anyone in charge, officially.

Not only will this have a higher acknowledgeable impact on the employees but also ensure that the announcement has been heard by everyone and no one has missed it.

Employees on-off could have it sent to their emails. Those who have read it can be observed by analytics similar to WhatsApp double-checkmarks.

3. Save Time, Cost & Money

If you switch to the video mode of internal communication, then your company or business is greatly going to benefit. Every message or correspondence between employees and senior officials can be made through videos.

Furthermore, this will save time, cost, and money. Remember that circular distribution example we gave earlier? Well, not only is it very old-school but also involves the cost of the paper involved. Then count the cost of the ink going through printing all those circulars – then the electricity.

Why not opt for a better and efficient means of internal communication? We hope you can get a better idea now of how corporate videos are the best form of internal communication in 2020 – and the coming years too.

Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris is a professional digital marketer with years of experience in leading brands, working with multiple industry verticals. Currently, he is a Marketing executive of BuzzFlick, which is a specialized video animation service provider. Being a powerful industry voice, Kevin also offers his services as a consultant in building and implementing brand growth strategies.

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